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Shamkant B. Navathe


Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing


Ph.D. Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 1976

M.S. Computer and Information Science, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 1970

B.E. Electrical Communications Engineering, Indian Institute of Science 1968

B.Sc. Physics, Mathematics, University of Poona, India 1965

Employment and Professional Experience

Professor, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology 1990-present

Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science, Univ. of Florida 1986-1990

Associate Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science, Univ. of Florida 1980-1986

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Business, New York University, New York, NY 1975-1979

System Engineer, Electronic Data Systems, Cincinnati, Ohio 1971

System Engineer, IBM World Trade Corporation, India 1968-1969

Synergistic Activities

A. Editorial Boards

Associate Editor, ACM Computing Surveys, September 1986 - December 1997.

Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering,. 1994-1999.

Associate Editor, Data and Knowledge Engineering, a North Holland Journal, since 1985.

Member, Editorial Board, Information Systems, Pergamon Press, since 1987.

Member, Editorial Board, Parallel and Distributed Database Systems,

Kluwer Academic Press, since its inception in 1992.

Member, Editorial Board, Information Technology and Management,,Chapman Hall, since 1998..

Member, Editorial Board, Worldwide Web Jouirnal , Kluwer Academic Press, since 2001..

Editor, Series on "Database Systems and Applications," Benjamin Cummings/Addison Wesley1989-.

B. Appointments and Awards:

Florida Governor's Second Annual Award for Outstanding Contribution to Science and Technology, presented by Governor Bob Martinez, April 10, 1990.

Member, Steering committee, PDIS (Parallel and Distributed Information Systems) International Conference, conference established in 1991.

Appointed ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Lecturer (Database area), 1991-93.

Elected Trustee of the International Very Large Database Foundation, 1992-98.

Member Steering committee, Conceptual Modeling (Object Oriented and ER modeling) International Conference, committee established in 1993.

Member, Steering committee, IPIC (Information and Process Integration in enterprises Conference), conference established in 1996.

Invited Member, International Federation on Cooperative Information Systems (IFCIS), established in Fall 1994.

C. Conference Chairmanships

Program Co-chair, 1985 ACM SIGMOD International conference, Austin, TX

Program Co-chair, 1990 Parallel Database Systems (Parbase-90) Int. Conf., Miami, FL.

General Chair, 1995 IFIP WG 2.6 Working Conference on Database Application Semantics (DS-6), Stone Mountain, Ga

General Co-chair, 1996 Very Large Database Conference, Mumbai, India.

Teaching database management and information technology topics for 25 years in different university settings: school of business administration (NYU), college of engineering (UF), college of computing (GT). Published over 120 refereed articles. (see www.cc.gatech.edu/~sham).

Current Fields of Interest

Database Modeling and Design, Distributed and Mobile Databases, Engineering and Manufacturing Applications, Intelligent Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Genome Data Management, Web Transaction and Applications modeling, Text Mining


1. R. Elmasri and S.B. Navathe, Fundamentals of Database Systems, Addison Wesley, Third Edition, 2000, 955pp.

2 C. Batini, S. Ceri, and S.B. Navathe, Conceptual Database Design: An Entity Relationship Approach, Benjamin Cummings, 1992, 470 pp.

3. T. Wakayama, S. Kannapan, C. M. Khoong, S.B. Navathe, J. Yates (Eds.), Information and Process Integration in Enterprises: Rethinking Documents, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998.

Selected Recent Publications in Mobile and Web Data Management


  1. Waigen Yee, M. Donahoo, S.B.Navathe, "Fast data access on multiple broadcast streams," Proc. IEEE Intl. Conf. on Data Eng. (ICDE), 2003.
  2. D. VanderMeer, A. Datta, K. Dutta, K. Ramamritham, S.B. Navathe. "User Recovery in the Context of Internet Transactions (iTXs)," IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2003 (forthcoming).
  3. S. B. Navathe and Waigen Yee, "Scalability issues in mobile database applications. Proc. High Perf. Comp. Asia (HPC-Asia)," December 2002, Invited Paper.
  4. Waigen. Yee, S. B. Navathe, E. Omiecinski, and C. Jermaine, "Efficient data allocation over multiple channels at broadcast servers," IEEE Trans. Computers, Special Issue on Mobility and Databases, 51(10):1231-1236, October 2002.
  5. W. G. Yee, S. B. Navathe, E. Omiecinski, and C. Jermaine, "Bridging the gap between response time and energy efficiency in broadcast schedule design," Proc. Intl. Conf. on Extending Database Technology (EDBT), March 2002.

Other Significant Recent Publications

1. Waigen Yee, M. Donahoo, S.B.Navathe, "Scaling replica maintenance in intermittently synchronized databases," Proc. ACM Conf. on Information and Knowledge Mgt. (CIKM)," November 2001, pp. 450-457.

2. Waigen Yee and S.B.Navathe, Design considerations for mobile database applications. In NSF Wkshp. on an Infrastructure for Mobile and Wireless Sys., October 2001.

3. Waigen Yee, M. Donahoo, S.B.Navathe, "A Framework for Data Fragment Grouping to Improve Server Scalability in Intermittently Synchronized Databases," Proc. CIKM Conference, October 2000.

4. A. Datta, K. Dutta, D. Vandermeer, K. Ramamritham, S. B. Navathe, "An Architecture to Support On-line Personalization on the Web," VLDB Journal, 10(1) 2001: 104-117.

5. Datta, D. Vandermeer, K. Ramamritham, S. B. Navathe, "Toward a Comprehensive Model of the Content and Structure of, and user interaction over, a web site," in Proc. of the First Workshop on Technologies for E-services (U. Dayal, ed.) (in conjunction with VLDB 2000), Cairo, Egypt, September 2000.

Ph.D. Students and Post Doctoral Scholars

Navathe has graduated 18 Ph.D. students (8 at University of Florida and 10 at Georgia Institute of Technology):

Aloysius Cornelio, Rafi Ahmed, Howard Beck, Pedro Rivera Vega, Minyoung Ra, Sunit Gala,

Whan-kyu Whang, Tarek M. Anwar, Magdi M. A. Morsi, Asterio Kiyoshi Tanaka, . K. Karlapalem, Vesper Owei, Kiran Achyutuni, Aravindan Veerasamy, Andreas M. Kogelnik, Ashok Savasere, Yong-chul Oh, Debra Vandermeer

He has advised three post-doctoral visiting scholars:

Guenther M. Pernul, March 1990- February 1991from University of Essen, Germany.

Jeanne Sindayamaze, April 1996- March 1997 from the University of Geneva, Switzerland

Joao Ferreira, October 2000 Summer 2001. Visiting from University of Sao Paolo, Brazil

Recent Collaborators: Prof. Dunahoo, Baylor University, Krithi Ramamritham, Umass, Prof. Roy George, Clark Atlanta University, and Prof. Vijay Vaishnavi Georgia State University.