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The Lab: It looks like this!

This is how it looks like...

The Lab: Avtive Research

...a place of active research...

The Lab: Group picture

... and a place to get together!
(not only for pictures)

The Lab: Happy meetings

Happy meetings...

The Lab: Scientific talk

...scientific talk...

The Lab: Another view

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What's happening in the lab

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Laboratory Resources


  • Himalaya: SPARC20, model 61, SunOS 4.1.3
  • Yangtze: SPARC5, model 110, Solaris
  • 3 SPARC station IPX
  • 3 SPARC station ELC
  • 1 SPARC station SLC
  • 1 SPARC station 2
  • 1 X-terminals
  • 1 MAC IISi
  • 1 2x100mhz PC (dual-processor)
  • 1 100mhz PC

Software on Himalaya
(main server)

  • Oracle7 Release
  • ERDRAW v5.3
  • O2 Version 4.2.5
  • ObjectStore r3.1
  • Versant version 4.0.5
  • Informix RM/plusDB version 1.00

Software on Yangtze
(secondary server)

  • Oracle 8
  • Sybase 11
  • ObjectStore
  • Informix