Database Systems Reading Group


The goal of the group is to read interesting papers related to databases. What does interesting mean? Anything the paper leader wants it to mean. This include published and unpublished papers, including the paper leader's own work.

The reading group is what the members make it. We can organize it around a theme (e.g., XML, data mining), a conference (SIGMOD papers), or just random papers. We can even use it as a venue for critiquing pre-submission work or practicing upcoming presentations. People who are not taking any classes should use the reading group as a means of staying abreast of the happenings outside of his/her own research.


There are many benefits to reading with others:
  1. Get a different viewpoint on work.
  2. Get new research ideas from others.
  3. Find new techniques from other areas.
  4. Foster collaboration.
  5. Develop breadth.
  6. Chill-out with whomever's left on the first floor.


The Spring, 2003 Database Systems Reading Group meets every Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. in CCB 109. We have room 109 from February 6 until April 24. The schedule for the next papers and discussion leaders is presented below.

Mailing List

After the beginning of the term solicitations, announcements are sent to the group through the Database Reading Group mailing list. In order to subscribe to this list, you can send a message to "Majordomo@cc.gatech.EDU" with the following command in the body of your email message:

    subscribe db-reading-group <your e-mail address>

Body of Knowledge for the Database System Area

Classical Database Areas to be covered by the written exam
Old List of Courses, Books, and Papers
New List of Books Chapters and Papers (grouped according to the Classical Database Areas)


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Spring, 2003

Useful Links

Surviving the Qualifying Exam at the College of Computing, by  Idris Hsi
Here's a small handout on how to efficiently read research papers.

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