Original List of Courses, Books, and Papers for the Database Systems qualifying exam at the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology:


     CS 4450 Introduction to Database Design
     CS 6450 Database Design
     CS 6453 Principles of Distributed Database Systems


  1.Fundamentals of Database Systems, R. Elmasri and S. Navathe, Benjamin
     Cummings, 1994.
  2.Principles of Distributed Database Systems, M. Ozsu and P. Valduriez, Prentice
     Hall, 1991.


  1."System R: A Relational Approach to Database Management," M. Astrahan, et
     al., ACM TODS, 1, 2, (June 1976).
  2."Query Evaluation Techniques for Large Databases," G. Graefe, ACM
     Computing Surveys, 25, 2 (June 1993), 73-170.
  3."Parallel Database Systems: The Future of High Performance Database
     Systems," D. DeWitt and J. Gray, Comm. of the ACM, 35, 6, (June 1992), 85-97.
  4."The Story of O2," O. Deux, et al., IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data
     Engineering, 2, 1 (March 1990), 91-108.
  5."Optimization of Dynamic Query Evaluation Plans," R. Cole and G. Graefe, ACM
     SIGMOD Conference, (June 1994), 150-160.
  6."ASSET: A System for Supporting Extended Transactions," A. Biliris, et al., ACM
     SIGMOD Conference, (June 1994), 44-54.
  7."ARIES: A Transaction Method Supporting Fine-Granularity Locking and
     Partial Rollbacks Using Write-Ahead Logging," C. Mohan, et al., ACM TODS,
     17, 1, (March 1992).
  8."Cache Consistency and Concurrency Control in a Client-Server DBMS
     Architecture" Y. Wang and L. Rowe, ACM SIGMOD Conference, (May 1991),
  9."Local Disk Caching for Client-Server Database Systems," M. Frankilin, M.
     Carey and M. Livny, VLDB Conference, (August 1993), 641-654.
 10."Multiple Query Optimization," T. Sellis, ACM TODS, 13, 1, (March 1988),
 11."Temporal and Real-Time Databases: A Survey," IEEE Transactions on
     Knowledge and Data Engineering, 7, 4 (August 1995), 513-532.
 12."Database Mining: A Performance Perspective," IEEE Transactions on
     Knowledge and Data Engineering, 5, 6 (December 1993), 914-925.
 13.Special Issue on Heterogeneous Databases, eds. A. Elmagarmid and C. Pu,
     ACM Computing Surveys, (1990).
     A.  Federated database systems for managing distributed, heterogeneous,
          and autonomous databases.  Amit P.Sheth, and James A.Larson. Pages 183 - 236
     B.  Heterogeneous distributed database systems for production use.
          Gomer Thomas, Glenn R.Thompson, Chin-Wan Chung, Edward Barkmeyer,
          Fred Carter, Marjorie Templeton, Stephen Fox, and Berl Hartman.
          Pages 237 - 266
     C.  Interoperability of multiple autonomous databases.  Witold Litwin,
          Leo Mark, and Nick Roussopoulos.  Pages 267 - 293

 14."R-trees: A Dynamic Index Structure for Spatial Searching," A. Guttman, ACM
     SIGMOD Conference, (May 1984), 47-57.
 15."On Rules, Procedures, Caching and Views in Database Systems," M.
     Stonebraker, et al., ACM SIGMOD Conference, (May 1990), 281-290.
 16."Main Memory Database Systems: An Overview," H. Garcia-Molina and K.
     Salem, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 4, 6,
     (December 1992), 509-516.
 17."A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)," D. Patterson, G.
     Gibson and R. Katz, ACM SIGMOD Conference, (June 1988), 109-116.
 18.Special Issue on Emerging Object Query Standards, ed. E. Moss, IEEE Data
     Engineering Bulletin, 17, 4, (December 1994).
     A.  Frantois Bancilhon, Guy Ferran: ODMG-93: The Object Database Standard.
     B.  Jim Melton:  Object Technology and SQL: Adding Objects to a Relational
          Language. 15-26
     C.  Frank Manola, Gail Mitchell: A Comparison of Object Models in
          ODBMS-Related Standards. 27-35
     D.  David L. Wells, Craig W. Thompson: Evaluation of the Object Query Service
          Submissions to the Object Management Group. 36-45

 19.Special Issue on Active Databases, ed. U. Chakravarthy, IEEE Data Engineering
     Bulletin, 15, 4, (December 1992).
     INCLUDES:(numbers 1-4):
     A:  Shamkant B. Navathe, A. K. Tanaka, Sharma Chakravarthy:
          Active Database Modeling and Design Tools: Issues, Approache, and
          Architecture. 6-9
     B:  Stefano Ceri, Piero Fraternali, Stefano Paraboschi, Letizia Tanca:
          Constraint Enforcement Through Production Rules: Putting Active
          Databases at Work.  10-14
     C:  Jennifer Widom: The Starburst Rule System: Language Design,
          Implementation, and Applications. 15-18
     D:  Narain H. Gehani, H. V. Jagadish: Active Database Facilities
          in Ode. 19-22
     E:  Stella Gatziu, Klaus R. Dittrich: SAMOS: an Active Object-Oriented
          Database System. 23-26
     F:  Tore Risch, Martin Sk÷ld: Active Rules based on Object-Oriented
          Queries.  27-30
     G:  Mikael Berndtsson, Brian Lings: On Developing Reactive
          Object-Oriented Databases. 31-34
     H:  Sharma Chakravarthy, Eric N. Hanson, Stanley Y. W. Su: Active
          Data/Knowledge Bases Research At the University of Florida. 35-39
     I:   Suzanne W. Dietrich, Susan Darling Urban, John V. Harrison, Anton
     P.  Karadimce: A DOOD RANCH at ASU: Integrating Active, Deductive
          and Object-Oriented Databases. 40-43
     J:  Alejandro P. Buchmann, Holger Branding, Thomas Kudrass, Jnrgen
         Zimmermann: REACH: a REal-time, ACtive and Heterogeneous mediator
         system. 44-47
     K:  A. Prasad Sistla, Ouri Wolfson: Triggers on Database
          Histories. 48-51
     L:  Leonard J. Seligman, Larry Kerschberg: Active Databases for
          Appropriated Consistency Maintenance. 52-55
     M:  Toni Urpf, Antoni OlivT: Evants and Events rules in Active
           Databases. 56-59

 20."Semantic Database Modeling: Survey, Applications and Research Issues," R.
     Hull and R. King, ACM Computing Surveys, 19,3, (September 1987), 201-260.
 21."The Gamma Database Machine Project," D. DeWitt et al., IEEE Transactions on
     Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2, 1 (March 1990), 44-62.
 22."The Implementation of POSTGRES," M. Stonebraker et al., IEEE Transactions
     on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2, 1 (March 1990), 125-142.

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