Schedule for January 2000

Discussion Leader
January 11, 2000 Henrique Query Processing: Optimization 
(handouts: Summary and Example)
Navathe: Ch. 18 
Paper 1: Richard L. Cole, Goetz Graefe. "Optimization of Dynamic Query Evaluation Plans." SIGMOD 1994: 150-160. 
Paper 2: (Suggested Reading) Query Optimization (Yannis Ioannidis, unpublished: Another Good Complementary survey on Query Optimization)
CCB 164
January 18, 2000 David Query Processing: Optimization - (Discussion on search strategies
(handout: Random Optimization and Access Path)
Paper 1: Patricia G. Selinger, Morton M. Astrahan, Donald D. Chamberlin, Raymond A. Lorie, Thomas G. Price. "Access Path Selection in a Relational Database Management System." SIGMOD Conference 1979 : 23-34. 
Paper 2: Yannis E. Ioannidis, Younkyung Cha Kang: Randomized Algorithms for Optimizing Large Join Queries. SIGMOD 1990: 312-321
CCB 109
January 25, 2000 Debbie Query Processing: Algorithms for operator implementations 
Navathe: Ch. 18 
Paper: G. Graefe, "Query Evaluation Techniques for Large Databases,"  ACM Computing Surveys, 25(2) (1993), pp. 73-170.
CCB 164
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