Georgia Tech: Networking & Telecommunications

Undergraduate Classes

  • CS3251 - Computer Networking I
    Introduction to problems in computer networking, including error recovery, medium access, routing, flow control, and transport. Emphasis on current best practice. Includes programming of networked applications.
    3.000 Credit Hours

  • CS4251 - Computer Networking II
    Principles of computer networks, including medium access, ARQ protocols, routing, congestion avoidance, and control. Emphasis on design options and tradeoffs. Includes significant network application programming.
    3.000 Credit Hours

  • CS4255 - Intro-Network Management
    Introduction to SNMP-based network management. Practical application to network and system management including hands-on lab practice.
    3.000 Credit Hours

Gradute Classes

  • CS6250 - Computer Networks
    Principles and practice of computer networks, including signaling and framing, error control, medium access, routing, congestion control, end-to-end transport, and network APIs.
    3.000 Credit Hours

  • CS6255 - Network Management
    Focus on network, system, and applications management. Principles and practice of various network management standards will be presented. Course includes project assignment.
    3.000 Credit Hours

  • CS6280 - Eval Communication Nets
    Methods for evaluating the performance of communication networks with emphasis on modeling, mathematical analysis, computer simulation, and measurement.
    3.000 Credit Hours

  • CS7260 - Internet Arch& Protocols
    Detailed discussion of the problems and solution techniques that arise in internetworking. Topics include routing, addressing, quality of service, and security.
    3.000 Credit Hours

  • CS7270 - Networked Apps&Services
    End-to-end functional building blocks and their use in adaptive and non-adaptive applications, including multimedia: coding, compression, security, directory services.
    3.000 Credit Hours

  • CS8001 - Seminar
    Group discussion of advanced topics in Networking and Telecommunications.
    1.000 Credit Hours

  • CS8803 - Network Measurements Seminar
    Introduction to the state-of-the-art in network measurements research. Helps study the use of measurements in modeling, understanding, and improving a network. Teaches several statistical tools for the analysis of network measurements.
    3.000 Credit Hours

  • CS8803 - Experimental Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems and Networks
    This course will cover a number of techniques that are quite useful for experimental performance evaluation. These techniques are from the areas of experimental design, statistics (both parametric and non-parametric), data presentation, workload characterization, random number generation, simulation, queueing theory, and time series analysis/forecasting.
    3.000 Credit Hours

  • CS 4803/8803 MAS - Mobile Applications and Services with IMS
    This course provides an introduction to the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and covers the process of developing an application for IMS. The students in this class will learn to design and develop these new services. This class is being taught in conjunction with the ongoing IMS research competition.
    3.000 Credit Hours