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Cryptography-based  Prefix-preserving Anonymization

IP::Anonymous - Perl module port of Crypto-PAn to provide anonymous IP addresses. By John Kristoff of Northwestern University.

Crypto-PAn is a  cyrptography-based sanitization tool for network trace owners to anonymize the IP addresses in their traces in a prefix-preserving manner.  Crypto-PAn has the following properties:

  • One-to-one  The mapping from original IP addresses to anonymized IP addresses is one-to-one.
  • Prefix-preserving    In  Cyrpto-PAn, the IP address anonymization is prefix-preserving. That is, if two original IP addresses share a k-bit  prefix, their anonymized mappings will also share a  k-bit prefix.
  • Consistent across traces Crypto-PAn allows multiple traces to be sanitized in a consistent way, over time and across locations.  That is, the same IP address in different traces is anonymized to the same address, even though the traces might be sanitized separately at different time and/or at different locations.
  • Cryptography-based    To sanitize traces, trace owners provide Crypto-PAn a secret key.  Anonymization consistency across multiple traces  is achieved by the use of the same key.  The construction of Crypto-PAn preserves the secrecy of the key and the (pseudo)randomness of the mapping from an original IP address to its anonymized counterpart.

Authors and Publications

Crypto-PAn is authored by   Jinliang Fan, Jun Xu, Mostafa H. Ammar (College of Computing, Georgia Tech) and Sue Moon ( Sprint ATL) .

Crypto-PAn  is based on the techniques developed in their papers:

  • "Prefix-Preserving IP  Address Anonymization", Computer Networks, Volume  46,  Issue 2 , 7 October 2004, Pages 253-272, Elsevier.  [link to paper]
  • "On the Design and Performance of Prefix-Preserving IP Traffic Trace Anonymization", ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Workshop 2001, San Francisco, CA, November , 2001. [download]
  • "Prefix-Preserving IP Address Anonymization: Measurement-based Security Evaluation and a New Cryptography-based Scheme",  to appear in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols, Paris, 2002. [download]

Software Download

The Crypto-PAn package(version 1.0)  can be downloaded from here [Crypto-PAn.1.0.tar.gz] and please read the README  on how to use it.


  • TCPdpriv developed by Greg Minshall  is a powerful trace sanitization tool and it supports prefix-preserving anonymization. TCPdpriv's implementation of prefix-preserving anonymization is based on the use of a  lookup table. A detailed analysis on the properties of prefix-preserving anonymization can be find in the papers above.
  • Network measurement tools that incorporate or extend the functionality of Crypto-PAn
    • NetSniff   NetSniff is a multi-network-layered real-time traffic capture and analysis tool developed as part of the ICE3 project being run out of the Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures (CAIA). ...
    • flow-tools  Flow-tools is library and a collection of programs used to collect, send, process, and generate reports from NetFlow data. ...
    • CoralReef   CoralReef is a comprehensive software suite developed by CAIDA to collect and analyze data from passive Internet traffic monitors, in real time or from trace files. ...
    • Extension made by David Stott for one of his projects in Lucent, including treatment of endian, de-anonymizer, interesting use of reversed-prefix-preserving anonymization, better ways of using the random bits from AES to reduce consequtive 0 or 1's ....
    • IP::Anonymous - Perl module port of Crypto-PAn to provide anonymous IP addresses. By John Kristoff of Northwestern University.


Crypto-PAn package uses  Rijndael  cipher (AES algorithm) designed  by Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen and it encloses Szymon Stefanek's C++  implementation (a C++ derivation based on Vincent Rijmen and K.U.Leuven implementation 2.4) of Rijndael.


Please contact Jinliang Fan for questions about the package. Your comments are highly appreciated.