Georgia Tech: Networking & Telecommunications


Deprecated: January 2009
Please refer to the revised guidelines.

The following document was last Revised: September 2003


Students are expected to be familiar with basic networking principles including an understanding of:
  • Basic protocol architecture concepts
  • Network access principles and protocols
  • Routing and transport functions (including routing algorithms and congestion and flow control)
  • Network and client/server programming
  • Internet protocols and applications

This material can be found in many of the introductory textbooks such as:
  • L.L.Petterson and B.S.Davie, Computer Networks: A Systems Approach (second edition)
  • Leon-Garcia, COMMUNICATION NETWORKS, McGraw-Hill (second edition)
  • J.Kurose and K.Ross, Computer Networking, A top down approach featuring the Internet
  • Stevens, "TCP/IP Illustrated, volume 1", Addison Wesley.
  • Comer, "Internetworking with TCP/IP, volumes 1 and 3", Prentice Hall.

Parts of this material and some of the readings below are covered in CS6250 and CS7260.

The following reading list represents some of the more advanced material that the student is expected to have read and digested prior to taking the area exam.

Network Architecture

  • The Design Philosophy of the DARPA Internet Protocols, D. D. Clark, ACM SIGCOMM 1988.
  • A Retrospective View of ATM, Charles Kalmanek, ACM CCR, Nov 2002
  • End-To-End Arguments in System Design, Jerome H. Saltzer, David P. Reed, and David D. Clark, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 1984
  • Rethinking the Design of the Internet: end to end arguments vs. the brave new world, D.D. Clark and M.S.Blumenthal, ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 2000.
  • Is IP going to take over the world (of communications)? Pablo Molinero-Fernandez, Nick McKeown, Hui Zhang HotNets-I, 2002

Router Design

  • A 50-Gb/s IP router, C.Partridge et al., IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 1998.
  • SLIP: A Scheduling Algorithm for Input-Queued Switches, Nick McKeown, IEEE Transactions on Networking, 1999.
  • Survey and Taxonomy of IP Address Lookup Algorithms, M. A. Ruiz-Sanchez, Ernst W. Biersack, and Walid Dabbous, IEEE Network Magazine, March/April 2001.
  • Algorithms for Packet Classification, Pankaj Gupta and Nick McKeown, IEEE Network, March 2001.
  • Cost-Effective Flow Table Designs for High-Speed Internet Routers: Architecture and Performance Evaluation, Xu, J. and Singhal, M. IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2002.

Unicast and Multicast Routing

  • Distributed, Scalable Routing Based on Link-State Vectors, J. Behrens and J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, ACM SIGCOMM 1994.
  • Loop-Free Routing Using Diffusing Computations, J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, February 1993.
  • End-to-End Routing Behavior in the Internet, V. Paxson, IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking, Oct 1997.
  • Delayed Internet Routing Convergence, C. Labovitz, A. Ahuja, A. Bose, F. Jahanian, ACM SIGCOMM 2000.
  • The End-to-end Effects of Internet Path Selection, Stefan Savage, Andy Collins, Eric Hoffman, John Snell and Tom Anderson, ACM SIGCOMM, 1999.
  • Multicast Routing in Datagram Internetworks and Extended LANs, S. Deering and D. Cheriton, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS), 1990.
  • An Architecture for Wide-Area Multicast Routing, S. Deering, D. Estrin, D. Farinacci, V. Jacobson, C.-G. Liu, and L. Wei, ACM SIGCOMM 1994.
  • The Evolution of Multicast: From the MBone to Inter-Domain Multicast to Internet2 Deployment, K. Almeroth, IEEE Network, January/February 2000.

Transport Protocols and Congestion Control

  • Congestion Avoidance and Control, V. Jacobson and M. Karels, ACM SIGCOMM 1988.
  • Analysis of the Increase/Decrease Algorithms for Congestion Avoidance in Computer Networks, D. Chiu and R. Jain, Journal of Computer Networks and ISDN, June 1989.
  • Random Early Detection (RED) gateways for Congestion Avoidance, Floyd, S., Jacobson, V, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, August 1993.
  • TCP Vegas: End to End Congestion Avoidance on a Global Internet, L. S. Brakmo and L. L. Peterson, IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communication, October 1995.
  • Simulation-based Comparisons of Tahoe, Reno, and SACK TCP, K. Fall, and S. Floyd, ACM CCR, July 1996.
  • Modeling TCP Throughput: A Simple Model and its Empirical Validation, J. Padhye, V. Firoiu, D. Towsley and J. Kurose, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, April 2000.
  • Equation-Based Congestion Control for Unicast Applications, Sally Floyd, Mark Handley, Jitendra Padhye, and Joerg Widmer, ACM SIGCOMM 2000.

Quality of Service

  • Service Disciplines For Guaranteed Performance Service in Packet-Switching Networks, H. Zhang, Proceedings of the IEEE, Oct 1995.
  • Latency-Rate Servers: A General Model for Analysis of Traffic Scheduling Algorithms Dimitrios Stiliadis, Anujan Varma, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Oct 1998.
  • Providing Guaranteed Services Without Per Flow Management, I.Stoica and H.Zhang, ACM SIGCOMM 1999.
  • Proportional differentiated services: delay differentiation and packet scheduling, Constantinos Dovrolis, Dimitrios Stiliadis, Parameswaran Ramanathan, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Feb 2002.
  • On fundamental tradeoffs between delay bounds and computational complexity in packet scheduling algorithms, Jun Xu, Richard J. Lipton, ACM SIGCOMM, 2002.
  • Theories and Models for Internet Quality of Service, Victor Firoiu, Jean-Yves Le Boudec, Don Towsley, Zhi-Li Zhang, Proceedings of IEEE, Aug 2002.

Internet Measurement

  • On the Self-Similar Nature of Ethernet Traffic (Extended Version), W.Leland, M.Taqqu, W.Willinger, D.Wilson, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Feb 1994.
  • End-to-End Internet Packet Dynamics, V. Paxson, ACM SIGCOMM 1997.
  • A Quantitative Comparison of Graph-based Models for Internet Topology, Ellen W. Zegura, Kenneth Calvert and M. Jeff Donahoo, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Dec 1997.
  • On Power-Law Relationships of the Internet Topology, Faloutsos, Faloutsos, and Faloutsos, ACM SIGCOMM, 1999.
  • On the Constancy of Internet Path Properties, Yin Zhang, Nick Duffield, Vern Paxson, and Scott Shenker, Internet Measurement Workshop, 2001.
  • End-to-End Available Bandwidth: Measurement Methodology, Dynamics, and Relation with TCP throughput, Manish Jain and Constantinos Dovrolis, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Aug 2003.

Content Distribution

  • The Darknet and the Future of Content Distribution, Biddle, England, Peinado, Willman, 2002 ACM Workshop on Digital Rights Management, 2002
  • Application-layer anycasting: a server selection architecture and use in a replicated web service, E. Zegura, M. Ammar, Z. Fei and S. Bhattacharjee, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.
  • Chord: A scalable peer-to-peer lookup service for Internet applications, I. Stoica, R. Morris, D. Karger, M. Kaashoek, H. Balakrishnan, Proceedings of ACM Sigcomm, August 2001.
  • Resilient Overlay Networks, D. Andersen and H. Balakrishnan and F. Kaashoek and R. Morris, Proceedings of ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, Oct 2001
  • A Measurement Study of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems," Stefan Saroiu, P. Krishna Gummadi, and Steven D. Gribble. Proceedings of Multimedia Computing and Networking 2002 (MMCN'02), January 2002.
  • On the Fundamental Tradeoffs between Routing Table Size and Network Diameter in Peer-to-Peer Networks, Xu, J., Kumar, A., and Yu, X., IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Nov 2003.
  • Multicast Delivery of Web Pages OR How to make Web servers pushy, Ammar, M. H., Almeroth, K., Clark, R. J., Fei, Z., Proceedings of the Workshop on Internet Server Performance, Madison, Wisconsin, June 1998.

Multimedia Communication

  • Enabling Conferencing Applications on the Internet Using an Overlay Multicast Architecture Yang-hua Chu, Sanjay G. Rao, Srinivasan Seshan, Hui Zhang, Proceedings of SIGCOMM 2001, San Diego, August 2001.
  • Video Multicast over the Internet, Li, X., Ammar, M. H., Paul, S., IEEE Network Magazine, Vol. 13. No. 2, March/April 1999, pp46-60.
  • Video Streaming: Concepts, Algorithms, and Systems, Apostolopoulos, Tan and Wee, HP Technical Report, Sept. 2002
  • Multicast Video-on-Demand Services, Huadong Ma, Kang G. Shin, ACM Computer Communication Review, vol. 32, no. 1, January, 2002
  • Resilient Peer-to-Peer Streaming, V. N. Padmanabhan, H. J. Wang, and P. A. Chou, IEEE ICNP 2003, Atlanta, GA, USA, November 2003. (An expanded version of this paper is available as Microsoft Research Technical Report MSR-TR-2003-11, March 2003
  • Supporting Stored Video: Reducing Rate Variability and End-to-End Resource Requirements through Optimal Smoothing, J. Salehi, Z. Zhang, J. Kurose, D. Towsley IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking Sep 1998.


  • A Comparison of Mechanisms for Improving TCP Performance over Wireless Links, H. Balakrishnan, V.N. Padmanabhan, S. Seshan, and R.H. Katz, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 5(6):756-769, Dec. 1997.
  • A Performance Comparison of Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols, J. Broch et al., Proc. of MobiCom '98, Oct. 1998.
  • Directed diffusion: a scalable and robust communication paradigm for sensor networks, C. Intanagonwiwat, R. Govindan and D. Estrin, Mobicom 2000.
  • Mobility Support in IPv6, Charles E. Perkins and David B. Johnson, Mobicom 1996.
  • An End-to-End Approach to Host Mobility, A. Snoeren and H. Balakrishnan, ACM Mobicom 2000.


  • Authentication for Distributed Systems, T.Y.C. Woo and S.S. Lam, Computer, 25(1), 1992. See also "Authentication" revisited, Computer, 25(3), 1992.
  • Password Authentication with Insecure Communication, L. Lamport, Communications of ACM, Vol. 24, 1981.
  • Practical Network Support for IP Traceback, S. Savage, D. Wetherall, A. Karlin, and T. Anderson, Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM, 2000.
  • Security Problems in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite, S. Bellovin, Computer Communication Review, 19(2), 1989.
  • Security Issues and Solutions in Multicast Content Distribution: A Survey, Paul Judge, Mostafa Ammar, IEEE Network Magazine, 2003.


  • Internet Time Synchronization: The Network Time Protocol, D. L. Mills, IEEE Transactions on Communications, Oct 1991.
  • DNS performance and the effectiveness of caching, Jaeyeon Jung, Emil Sit, Hari Balakrishnan, and Robert Morris, ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Workshop 2001.
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