Georgia Tech: Networking & Telecommunications

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Seminar

For the Fall 2001 semester, the Networking and Telecommunications group seminar will be held on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5 pm. The meeting place is GCATT 244. If you'd like to present a paper, send an email to Meng Guo. Please include the date you'd like to present, the topic, and any papers. There need not be any papers associated with the presentations, but if there are, then either indicate the URL(s), or indicate how/where you are making the paper available.

Fall 2001 Schedule

Date Presenter Topic
Aug 22 Mostafa Ammar
NTG Seminar Organization Meeting
Aug 29 -
 Seminar Cancelled Due to SigComm'01
Sep 5 Ellen Zegura Measurements from a Campus Wireless Network
Sep 12 Paul Judge Gothic: A Group Access Control Architecture for Secure Multicast and Anycast
Sep 19 Min-Ho Sung Preferential Dropping Scheme : Probabilistic Marking based filtering algorithm
Sep 26 Shashidhar Merugu Application Layer Multicast
Oct 3 - Seminar canelled due to media ocean meeting
Oct 10 Lenitra Clay Protocols for Selection Among Replicated Multicast Servers
Oct 17 - -
Oct 24 GTBI Open House NTG Poster Session
Oct 31 Vincent Scarlata Responder Anonymity and Anonymous Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
Nov 9 Ron Hutchins Internet User Access via Dial-up Networks - Traffic Characterization and Statistics
Nov 14 Raquel Hill Scalable Resource Reservation and Admission Control
Nov 21 - ThanksGiving Break
Nov 28 Jason Chiang  
Dec 5
Jim Xu

Please send corrections and omissions to Meng Guo