Georgia Tech: Networking & Telecommunications

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Seminar

For the Fall 2002 semester, the Networking and Telecommunications group seminar will be held on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5 pm. The meeting place is (tentatively) GCATT 244. If you'd like to present a paper, send an email to Minho Sung. Please include the date you'd like to present, the topic, and any papers. There need not be any papers associated with the presentations, but if there are, then either indicate the URL(s), or indicate how/where you are making the paper available.

Fall 2002 Schedule

Date Presenter Topic related conference in this week(Presenter)
Aug 28 (Wed) Jim Xu NTG Seminar Organization Meeting  
Sep 4 (Wed) Jim Xu On Fundamental Tradeoffs between Delay Bounds and Computational Complexity in Packet Scheduling Algorithms
On the Fundamental Tradeoffs between Routing Table Size and Network Diameter in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Sep 11 (Wed)      
Sep 18 (Wed) Hao Jiang Guardian: A Router Mechanism for Extreme Overload Protection  

4th week

Sep 23 (Mon)  Anthony Joseph Griffin: Towards an Agile, Predictive Infrastructure
(1:00-2:00pm, GCATT 244)
MOBICOM(Sep 23-28)
Robin Informal talk about current works
(4:00-5:00pm, GCATT 244)
Sep 24 (Tue) Venkata Padmanabhan Cooperative Networking
(11:00am-12:00pm, GCATT 119A)
Sep 27 (Fri) Saswati Sarkar MAC Layer Wireless Multicast: Theory and Protocols
(10:30-11:30am, GCATT 244)
Parmesh Ramanathan Research Challenges in Sensor Networks
(1:30-2:30pm, GCATT 244)
Oct 2 (Wed) Yarong Tang A Unified Proof of Minimum Time Complexity for Reaching Consensus and Uniform Concensus - An Oracle-based Approach  
Oct 9 (Wed) Qi He,

Li Zou
  Exploiting the Predictability of TCP's Steady-state Behavior to Speed Up Network Simulation

The Effect of Peer Selection and Buffering Strategies on the Performance of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems
Oct 16 (Wed) Manish Jain An Estimation Methodology for End-to-End Available Bandwidth SRDS(Oct 13-16)
MASCOTS(Oct 12-16)
(Qi and Li)
Oct 23 (Wed) Xingxing Yu Independent trees in networks  
Oct 30 (Wed) Richard Liston Diversity in DNS Performance Measures  
Nov 6 (Wed) Jinliang Fan,

Minho Sung
Prefix-Preserving IP Address Anonymization: Measurement-based Security Evaluation and a New Cryptography-based Scheme

IP Traceback-based Intelligent Packet Filtering: A Novel Technique for Defending Against Internet DDoS Attacks
IMW(Nov 6-8)
Nov 13 (Wed)     ICNP(Nov 12-15)

4th week

Nov 18 (Mon) K.Claffy, CAIDA Internet measurement and analyses activities relevant to computer science and network researchers  
Nov 20 (Wed) Nevil Brownlee, CAIDA/SDSC/UCSD & Univ-Auckland Dragonflies, Tortoises, Mice and Elephants: The Internet Zoo  
Nov 27 (Wed) Ravi Prasad The effect of layer-2 store-and-forward devices on per-hop capacity estimation
Note: this talk is postponed to spring 03 semester.
Dec 4 (Wed) Mani Subramanian Management of Mobile/Wireless Networks  
Please send corrections and omissions to Minho Sung