Georgia Tech: Networking & Telecommunications

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Seminar

For the Fall 2003 semester, the Networking and Telecommunications Group seminar will be held on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm. The meeting place is GCATT 244. If you'd like to present a work, send an email to Amogh Dhamdhere ( Please include the date you'd like to present, the topic, and any papers. There need not be any paper associated with the presentation, but if there is, then either indicate the URL(s), or indicate how/where you are making the paper available.

  Fall 2003 Schedule

Date Presenter Topic Conference in this week (Presenter)
Aug 27 (Wed) Shashidhar Merugu
Adding Structure to Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks: the Role of Overlay Topology

Sep 3 (Wed) Mostafa Ammar
Why Johnny Can't Multicast and Other Short Stories  
Sep 10 (Wed) Minaxi Gupta
Service Differentiation in Peer-to-Peer Networks Utilizing Reputations
Sep 17 (Wed) George Riley
The Georgia Tech Network Simulator
NGC (Shashi, Minaxi) 
Sep 24 (Wed) Christos Gkantsidis  Random Walks in Peer-to-Peer Networks   
Oct 1 (Wed) Jim Xu
Large Scale IP Traceback - Practical Techniques and Theoretical Foundations
Oct 8 (Wed)
Qi He
Dynamic Host Group/Multi-destination Routing for Multicast Sessions
Oct 15 (Wed)
 Abhishek Kumar
Space-Code Bloom Filter for Efficient Traffic Flow Measurement  
Oct 22 (Wed) Abhishek Kumar

Hao Jiang
Ulysses: A Robust, Low-Diameter, Low-Latency Peer-to-Peer Network

Source-level IP packet bursts: causes and effects
Oct 29 (Wed)  Li Zou A File-Centric Model for Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems
IMC (Hao, Abhishek)
Nov 5 (Wed -
ICNP (Li, Abhishek) 
Nov 12 (Wed) Taehyun Kim
Scalable Video Streaming over the Internet
Nov 19 (Wed) Matt Sanders
Exploring tools in the NTG Toolbox
Nov 26 (Wed)  Ola Nordstrom Beware of BGP Attacks
Dec 3 (Wed) Mostafa Ammar  NSF Networking Workshop Report 
Dec 10(Wed)

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