Georgia Tech: Networking & Telecommunications

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Seminar

For the Spring 2003 semester, the Networking and Telecommunications group seminar will be held on Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm. The meeting place is (tentatively) GCATT 244. If you'd like to present a work, send an email to Ravi. Please include the date you'd like to present, the topic, and any papers. There need not be any paper associated with the presentation, but if there is, then either indicate the URL(s), or indicate how/where you are making the paper available.

Spring 2003 Schedule

Date Presenter Topic Conference in this week (Presenter)
Jan 8 (Wed) Constantinos Dovrolis NTG Seminar Organization Meeting  
Jan 15 (Wed) Ravi Prasad The effect of layer-2 store-and-forward devices on per-hop capacity estimation
Jan 22 (Wed) Abhishek Kumar Ulysses: A Low Diameter Peer-to-Peer Network  
Jan 29 (Wed) Christos Gkantsidis Spectral Analysis of Internet Topologies  
Feb 5 (Wed)      
Feb 12 (Wed) Christos Gkantsidis Throughput and Congestion in Power Law Graphs  
Feb 19 (Wed)
Matt Sanders "Is IP going to take over the world (of communications)"  
Feb 26 (Wed) 10am Delphine Nain Integrated Routing and Storage for Messaging Applications in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  
Feb 26 (Wed) 3.30pm Matt Sanders
Russel J. Clark
"NTG double agents, field notes and opportunities"  
Mar 5 (Wed)     Spring break
Mar 12 (Wed) Richard Liston DEW: DNS-Enhanced Web for Faster Content Delivery  
Mar 19 (Wed) Pradnya Karbhari Multipoint-to-point session fairness in the Internet  
Mar 26 (Wed) Jim Xu On the Fundamental Tradeoffs between Routing Table Size and Network Diameter in Peer-to-Peer Networks  
Mar 26 (Wed) Taehyun Kim Optimal quality adaptation for mpeg-r fine-grained scalable video  
Apr 2 (Wed)     Infocom
Apr 9 (Wed) Mostafa Ammar, Ellen Zegura, Jim Xu and Constantinos Dovrolis Faculty Panel Discussion  
Apr 16 (Wed) Wenrui Zhao Message Ferrying: Mobility-assisted Data Delivery in Highly Partitioned Wireless Networks  
Apr 16 (Wed) Hyewon Jun Binding Clients to Replicated Servers: Initial and Continuous  
Apr 23 (Wed) Manish Jain The TCP Bandwidth-Delay Product revisited: network buffering, cross traffic, and socket buffer auto-sizing  
Apr 30 (Wed)     Exam week
May 7 (Wed) Constantinos Dovrolis .
Please send corrections and omissions to Ravi Prasad