Georgia Tech: Networking & Telecommunications

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Seminar

For the Spring 2004 semester, the Networking and Telecommunications Group seminar will be held on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm. The meeting place is GCATT 244. If you'd like to present a work, send an email to Wenrui Zhao ( Please include the date you'd like to present, the topic, and any papers. There need not be any paper associated with the presentation, but if there is, then either indicate the URL(s), or indicate how/where you are making the paper available.

  Spring 2004 Schedule

Date Presenter Topic
Jan 14 (Wed) Cancelled

Jan 21 (Wed) Ravi S. Prasad Evaluating Pathrate and Pathload with Realistic Cross-Traffic
Jan 28 (Wed) Shashidhar Merugu Space-Time Routing in Ad Hoc Networks with Predictable Mobility
Feb 4 (Wed) Qi He Congestion Control and Message Loss in Gnutella Networks
Feb 11 (Wed) Ravi S. Prasad On the Effectiveness of Delay-Based Congestion Avoidance
Feb 18 (Wed) Abhishek Kumar Space-Code Bloom Filter for Efficient Per-Flow Traffic Measurement
Feb 25 (Wed) Qi Zhao On the Computational Complexity of Maintaining GPS Clock in Packet Scheduling
Mar 3 (Wed) Meng Guo Scalable live video streaming to cooperative clients using time shifting and video patching
Mar 10 (Wed) Spring Break

Mar 17 (Wed) Mostafa Ammar Message Ferrying: Exploiting Non-Random Mobility for Data Delivery in Sparse Ad Hoc Networks
Mar 24 (Wed) Xi Zhang Flow and Error Control for Multicast over Wired/Mobile-Wireless Networks
Mar 31 (Wed) Cancelled
Apr 7 (Wed) Hao Jiang The origin of TCP traffic burstiness in short time scales
Apr 14 (Wed) Pradnya Karbhari

Manish Jain
Bootstrapping in Gnutella: A Measurement Study

Effect of Interrupt Coalescence on Network Measurements
Apr 21 (Wed) Sheng Ma Machine Learning for Autonomic Computing
Apr 28 (Wed) Final Exam

Please send corrections and omissions to Ravi Prasad