Georgia Tech: Networking & Telecommunications

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Seminar

For the Spring 2006 semester, the Networking and Telecommunications Group seminar will be held on Mondays from 12noon to 1pm. The meeting place is CCB 354.

 Spring 2006 Schedule

Date Presenter Topic
Jan 30 (Mon)
Russ Clark, Matt Sanders GT-RNOC: Georgia Tech Research Network Operations Center
Feb 6 (Mon)
Srinivasan Seetharaman
Addressing Inter-Domain Policy Violations in Overlay Routes
Feb 13 (Mon)
Warren Matthews (OIT)
CPR: Campus-Wide Network Performance Monitoring and Recovery
Feb 20 (Mon)
Michele Weigle
(Clemson University)
Issues in Network Protocol Evaluation
Feb 27 (Mon)
Anirudh Ramachandran
Understanding the Network-Level Behavior of Spammers
Mar 6 (Mon)
Dmitri Loguinov
(Texas A&M University)
On the Partitioning Behavior of Churn-Based Peer-to-Peer Systems
Mar 13 (Mon)
Peter Marbach
(Univ. of Toronto)
Interaction of Rate and Medium Access Control in Wireless Networks
Mar 20 (Mon)

Mar 27 (Mon)
Barath Petit, Yang Chen
WCNC practice talks
Apr 3 (Mon)
Nick Feamster
New research directions - Infranet, VINI
Apr 10 (Mon)
Mostafa Ammar, Yong Zhu
Infocom practice talks
Apr 17 (Mon)
Amogh Dhamdhere, Ruomei Gao
Infocom practice talks
May 19 (Fri)
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic
(Northwestern Univ.)
Drafting Behind Akamai (Travelocity-Based Detouring)
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