Georgia Tech: Networking & Telecommunications

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Seminar

For the Spring 2007 semester, the Networking and Telecommunications Group seminar will be held on Wednesdays from 2PM to 3PM.

 Spring 2007 Schedule

Date Presenter Topic
Jan 17 (Wed)
Vincent Borrel Human mobility: taking a fresh look at its form and goals (slides)
Jan 24 (Wed)
Qi Zhao
Ashwin Lall
Qi's presentation
Ashwin's presentation (slides)
Feb 7 (Wed) KACB 1116W
Ellen Zegura
GENI: Next-Generation Internet
Feb 14 (Wed) KACB 1116W
Mostafa Ammar
Why we still cannot do network simulations?
Feb 21 (Wed) KACB 1116W
Jörg Liebeherr
(University of Toronto)
A Min-Plus System Interpretation of Bandwidth Estimation
March 7 (Wed) KACB 1116W
Qi Zhao
Network Data Monitoring and Analysis
March 14 (Wed) KACB 3402
Bert Zwart
Flow level performance of bandwidth sharing networks in overload
March 21 (Wed) KACB 1116
Injong Rhee (NCSU)
Statistical characteristics of human mobility
April 4 (Wed) KACB 1116W
Constantine Dovrolis
Combining multihoming with overlay routing
(or, how to be a better ISP without owning a network)

April 11 (Wed) KACB 3402
Jun (Jim) Xu Design and analysis of the simplest (and useful) randomized algorithm in the world
April 18 (Wed) KACB 1116W
Samantha Lo Measuring Routing Dynamics Induced by Inbound Traffic Engineering
April 25 (Wed) KACB 1116W
Kevin Webb DTN Sharp
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