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Photo of Nina Balcan Maria Florina (Nina) Balcan
Computational and Statistical Machine Learning, Computational Aspects in Economics and Game Theory, and Algorithms
Photo of Lance Fortnow Lance Fortnow (Professor and Chair, School of Computer Science Georgia Tech College of Computing)
Computational Complexity
Web Blog
Photo of Dick Lipton Richard Lipton (Frederick G. Storey Chair in Computing)
Algorithms and Complexity Theory, Cryptography, DNA Computing.
Dick's Blog
Photo of Milena Mihail Milena Mihail
Theory: Spectral Analysis, Markov Chains, Applied Probability, Randomized and Approximation Algorithms.
Networking: Internet Models and Algorithms, Large Scale Data, Design of High Speed networks.
Photo of Chris Peikert Chris Peikert
Cryptography, Lattices, Coding Theory.
Photo of Prasad Raghavendra Prasad Raghavendra (On leave of absence)
Approximation Algorithms, Hardness of Approximation, Complexity, Coding theory.
Photo of Dana Randall Dana Randall
Randomized Algorithms, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Computational Problems from Statistical Physics, Combinatorics.
Photo of Asaf Shapira Asaf Shapira (Joint with Math)
Combinatorics, Randomized Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science
Photo of Prasad Tetali Prasad Tetali (Joint with Math)
Discrete Math: Probability, Combinatorics, Number Theory. Specifically Markov Chains, Gibbs Distributions, Discrete Isoperimetry, Concentration of Measure, Cryptography.
Photo of Vijay Vazirani Vijay Vazirani
Algorithmic Problems in Mathematical Economics and Game Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, Approximation Algorithms, Computational Complexity Theory.
Photo of Santosh Vempala Santosh Vempala
Algorithms, Geometry, Randomness.
Photo of H. Venkateswaran H. Venkateswaran
Complexity Theory, Parallel Computing and Internet Security.
Photo of Eric Vigoda Eric Vigoda
Randomized Algorithms, Stochastic Processes (especially Markov Chain Monte Carlo), Statistical Physics.
Photo of Jugal Garg

Postdoctoral Associate

Jugal Garg
Photo of Ruta Mehta

Postdoctoral Associate

Ruta Mehta
Photo of Will Perkins

Postdoctoral Associate

Will Perkins
Photo of Dani Denton


Dani Denton
Administrative Assistant to the Theory Group
Photo of Elizabeth Ndongi


Elizabeth Ndongi
Administrative Assistant to the ARC Center


Theory Students Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

  • Jacob Alperin-Sheriff (Cryptography, Advisor: C. Peikert)
  • Abhishek Banerjee(ACO, Advisor: C. Peikert)
  • Rohit Banga (C4G 2012 Vempala)
  • Prateek Bhakta (ACO, Advisor: TBD)
  • Christopher Berlind (Machine Learning, Advisor M. Balcan)
  • Naomi Chopra (C4G 2012 Vempala)
  • Benjamin Cousins (ACO, Advisor TBD)
  • Eric Crockett
  • Yi Ding (Advisor: Alexandria Boldyreva)
  • Steven Ehrlich (ACO, Advisor: M. Balcan)
  • Andreas Galanis(ACO, Advisor: TBD)
  • Gaurang Gavai (Machine Learning, Advisor M. Balcan)
  • Arefin Huq (Theory, Advisor L. Fortnow)
  • Arindam Khan(ACO, Advisor: P. Tetali)
  • Sara Krehbiel (ACO, Advisor: Chris Peikert)
  • Joonseok Lee (Theory, Advisor: TBD)
  • Yingyu "Bruce" Liang (Machine Learning, Advisor: M. Balcan)
  • Anand Louis (ACO, Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Sarah Miracle (ACO, Advisor: D. Randall)
  • Ioannis Panageas (ACO, Advisor: P. Tetali)
  • Ying Xiao (ACO, Advisor: TBD)
  • Juajin Yu (ACO, Advisor: TBD)

Alumni Ph.D.

  • Bhatnagar, Nayantara (Ph.D. 2007 Advisors: D. Randall and E. Vigoda)
  • Brubaker, Charles (Ph.D. 2009 Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Calinescu, Gruia (Ph.D. 1998 Advisor: H. Karloff)
  • Cardoze, David (Ph.D. 2000 Advisor: L. Schulman)
  • Cash, David (Ph.D. Advisor: A. Boldyreva)
  • Chakrabarty, Deeparnab (Ph.D. 2008 Advisor: V. Vazirani)
  • Chandrasekaran, Karthekeyan (Ph.D. 2012 Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Dadush, Daniel (Ph.D. 2012 Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Das Sarma, Atish (Ph.D. 2010 Advisor: R. Lipton)
  • Deshpande, Amit (Ph.D. 2007 Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Devanur, Nikhil (Ph.D. 2007 Advisor: V. Vazirani)
  • Fernandes, Cristina (Ph.D. 1997 Advisor: H. Karloff)
  • Gkantsidis, Christos (Ph.D. 2006 Advisor: M. Mihail)
  • Goel, Gagan (Ph.D. 2009 Advisor: V. Vazirani)
  • Gopalan, Parikshit (Ph.D. 2006 Advisor: R. Lipton)
  • Göttsch, Ammo
  • Greenberg, Sam (Ph.D. 2008 Advisor: D. Randall)
  • Gupta, Pramod (Ph.D. Advisor: M. Balcan)
  • Jain, Kamal (Ph.D. 2000 Advisor: V. Vazirani)
  • Kalyanasundaram, Subrahmanyam (Ph.D. 2011 Advisor: R. Lipton)
  • Karande, Chinmay (Ph.D. 2010 Advisor: V. Vazirani)
  • Kanade, Varun (Ph.D. Advisor: A. Kalai)
  • Kintali Prasad, Shiva (Ph.D. Advisor: R. Lipton)
  • Kumar, Virendra (Ph.D. Advisor: A. Boldyreva)
  • Mandoiu, Ion (Ph.D. 2000 Advisor: V. Vazirani)
  • Markakis, Evangelos (Ph.D. 2005 Advisor: R. Lipton)
  • Martin, Russell (Ph.D. 2001 Advisor: D. Randall)
  • McCrickard, D. Scott (Ph.D. 2000 Advisor: H. Karloff)
  • Mehta, Aranyak (Ph.D. 2005 Advisor: R. Lipton and V. Vazirani)
  • Mudgal, Apurva (Ph.D. Advisor: C. Tovey)
  • Nanongkai, Danupon (ACO, Advisor: R. Lipton)
  • O'Neill, Adam (Ph.D. Advisor: A. Boldyreva)
  • Pascoe Streib, Amanda (Ph.D. 2012 Advisor: D. Randall)
  • Ponnuswami, Ashok (Ph.D. 2008 Advisor: S. Khot)
  • Rademacher, Luis (Ph.D. 2007 Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Rutter, David (Ph.D. Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Saberi, Amin (Ph.D. 2004 Advisor: V. Vazirani and M. Mihail)
  • Saket, Rishi (Ph.D. Advisor: S. Khot)
  • Sengupta, Rimli (Ph.D. 1996 Advisor: H. Venkateswaran)
  • Shokrieh, Farbod (Ph.C. 2012 Advisor: R. Lipton)
  • Tripathi, Pushkar (ACO, 2012 Advisor: V. Vazirani)
  • Trivedi, Rakshit (2011 Lipton)
  • Vishnoi, Nisheeth (Ph.D. 2004 Advisor: R. Lipton)
  • Wang, Lei (Ph.D. 2011 Advisor: V. Vazirani)
  • Yang, Linji (Ph.D. Advisor: E. Vigoda)
  • Young, Stephen (Ph.D. 2008 Advisor: M. Mihail)

Alumni M.S.

  • Banerjee, Indranil (Cryptography, Advisor: C. Peikert)
  • Iyer, Tejas (MS)
  • Kumar, Akash (Cryptography, Advisor: C. Peikert)
  • Modi, Hiral (C4G, Advisor: S.Vempala)
  • Mehendale, Hrushikesh (C4G, Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Monu, Ruban (C4G Advisor: S.Vempala)
  • Narasimhan, Supraja (C4G, Advisor: S.Vempala)
  • Paranjpe, Ashwin (C4G Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Potnis, Surabhi (C4G Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Shintre, Amol (C4G Advisor: S. Vempala)
  • Tyler, Stephen (C4G, Advisor: S.Vempala)

Student Group Photo 2002

Theory Students Fall 2008

Theory Students Fall 2009 - Spring 2010


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