Jarek Rossignac is a Professor in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. He is a member and the former Director of the GVU Center and the Chair of the Interaction with Robots, Images, and Shapes (IRIS) cluster. He also chairs the Solid Modeling Organization and is co-Chair of Shape Modeling International 2004.


Alexander started working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant under the direction of Dr. Jarek Rossignac in June 2002. His work with Dr. Rossignac spans the areas of computational geometry, image morphology, realtime and interactive graphics, and general purpose GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) computation. Alexander started the GRAPE group as a forum for research related to programmable graphics hardware at Georgia Tech.

Alexander's goals are to obtain a PhD in Computer Science in the area of Computer Graphics and subsequently become an industry researcher. An undergraduate senior at Georgia Tech, he plans to graduate in May 2004. He is in no hurry to get out of school, however, and never plans to leave the fast-paced world of research, whether academic or professional.

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