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Telecommunications : Jane

Jane is primarily a graphical user interface system to TeD simulations. In addition to providing default graphical controls and displays for TeD models, Jane provides robust and extensible mechanisms for incorporating user-defined model-specific views. Jane is simulator-neutral, making it reusable across different simulators and models.

The purpose behind the Jane software system is to provide for a number of capabilities, including:

  • Remote control of simulations over a network (from a laptop, for example)
  • Default graphical views and control for simulations
  • Default graphical views for runtime visualization of TeD models
  • Easy development of application-specific animations of TeD models
  • Scripting for programmatic control of simulations to aid in pre/post simulation analysis.

The following diagram depicts the Jane architecture: Jane acts as a client and includes a full-featured GUI to provide a default simulation display and control mechanism. However, Jane is extensible so custom GUI views and controls can be written and incorporated into the Jane architecture. This is possible with simple extensions of the Jane programmatic interface.