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Telecommunications : Scalable Self-Organizing Simulations

Scalable Self-Organizing Simulations

PI: Richard Fujimoto and Ellen Zegura with collaborators at Bellcore, Bell Laboratories, Boston University, Dartmouth, Cooperating Systems Corporation, and Ultra Corporation.
Students: Fang Hao and Kalyan Perumalla
Sponsor: Defense Advance Research Projects Agency

The goal of this project is to develop techniques to enable the simulation of large-scale (million element) telecommunication networks and demonstrate these techniques in modeling a communications architecture to verify the performance in defense-specific applications. Specifically, we are developing modeling techniques and software for dynamic hierarchical modeling of subnetworks, supporting network aggregation and de-aggregation at runtime. A scalable parallel and distributed simulation executive is being developed to support this system.

This is a joint project, code-named S3 ( Scalable Self-organizing Simulations at DIMACS, Rutgers), including researchers at Bellcore, Bell Labs, Boston University, Dartmouth, Cooperating Systems Corporation, and Ultra Corporation. This project is also closely related to the twin project named Simulation of Integrated Communication Systems.

Our contributions to the project include

  • a high-performance simulation execution framework for million-entity simulation: MegEnta (Fujimoto)
  • research into modeling aspects, such as aggregation & de-aggregation techniques, for enabling high-fidelity simulation of very large-scale networks: Aggregation & de-aggregation techniques (Zegura).


(Includes related work prior to initiation of project)

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