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Telecommunications: Simulations of Integrated Communications Systems

Simulations of integrated communications Systems

PI: Richard Fujimoto with other collaborators.
Students: Kalyan Perumalla, Fang Hao, Karen Wilson
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

This is a joint project including researchers at Bellcore, Bell Labs, University of Massachusetts, Rutgers, and Dartmouth.

This project is also closely related to the twin project named S3: Scalable Self-organized Simulations.

The goals of this project are to:

  1. Develop a network description methodology, similar in spirit to VHDL (Very high speed integrated circuit hardware design language), suitable for the description of current and future telecommunication networks
  2. Provide validated high-performance simulation software prototypes based on this methodology, and,
  3. Demonstrate the use of the tools for network construction and operation problems that cannot be answered otherwise.

Toward this end, a simulator-independent specification language called TeD (Telecommunication Network Description language) has been developed, as well as a translator that converts TeD descriptions to parallel simulation software that executes on the Georgia Tech Time Warp (GTW) system. This makes parallelization transparent to network modelers. Research is focused on developing and evaluating optimization techniques for parallel discrete event simulation programs that will be embedded into the TeD translator.


(Includes related work prior to initiation of project)

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