3DPVT 08: Venue

The main venue is the Klaus Advanced Computing Building, classroom 1443, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332.

Map of the Klaus building area

Tuesday evening welcome reception

There will be a small welcome event at the Georgia Tech hotel from 7-9 pm, in the Club room II, where we will have a registration desk set up as well. There will be a cash-bar, but anyone who collects their registration materials at this time will receive a free drink ticket ! On-site registrations will also be accommodated.

Map of the Georgia Tech Hotel area

Where to get your registration materials

The registration desk will be open each day from 8.30-5pm at the entrance of the Klaus building classroom annex, opposite the atrium. This will be on your left hand, coming up the grand staircase (the atrium is to the right).