WCRE Advance Program

Friday-Sunday 14-16 July 1995

Toronto Hilton

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Being held in conjunction with CASE'95 and sponsored by:

Interest in the reverse engineering of software has been growing rapidly, as the need for maintaining, upgrading, and migrating existing software systems is becoming more apparent and pressing. There is a widespread demand for tools and methodologies to support reverse engineering activities. In response to this need, more and more research attention in both academia and industry is being drawn toward fundamental reverse engineering problems.

The Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE) is a research-oriented conference addressed solely to the theory and technology of recovering information from existing software and systems. As the premier technical conference on reverse engineering and program understanding, our purpose is to explore innovative methods of extracting the many kinds of information that can be recovered from software and systems artifacts, and to examine innovative methods of using this information. WCRE is a "working" conference, emphasizing focused discussion interspersed with paper presentations. WCRE is held every two years, alternating with the Reengineering Forum conference (an industrial applications meeting).

The Working Conference will review the current state-of-the-art, discuss present research directions (including the role of formal semantics, object-oriented methods, incremental approaches, and domain modeling/ knowledge), examine enabling technologies, and consider future requirements of methods and tools.

WCRE is being held in conjunction with CASE'95, the 7th International Workshop on Computer-Aided Software Engineering (July 10-14). All sessions will be held at the Toronto Hilton.

Advance Program:


9:00-10:00 Software Evolution (CASE'95 session including WCRE)

Session Chair: Scott Tilley, SEI, USA
10:00-10:30 CASE Support for User Interfaces (CASE'95 session including WCRE)
Session Chair: R. Keller, Universite de Montreal, Canada
11:00-12:30 Program Understanding (CASE'95 session including WCRE)
Session Chair: T. Takeshita, Chubu University, Japan
2:00-3:30 WCRE plenary session joint with CASE'95 closing plenary session

Panel: Generating Accessible Documentation from Legacy Systems

Session Chair: J. Slonim, IBM Canada Ltd.
Rapporteur: Spencer Rugaber, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

[Begin WCRE format of 20 minute presentation per paper (strict limit), with open discussion after each group of presentations.]

3:40-5:10 Analysis of Non-Code Sources

Session Chair: Lewis Johnson, USC Information Sciences Institute, USA
Rapporteur: Howard B. Reubenstein, GTE Laboratories, USA
5:20-6:20 Transformation & Translation
Session Chair: Mark L. Wilson, Naval Surface Warfare Center, USA
Rapporteur: Larry Markosian, Reasoning Systems, USA

7:00pm WCRE Reception


8:15-9:50 Tools & Environments

Session Chair: Hausi Muller, University of Victoria, Canada
Rapporteur: Ettore Merlo, Ecole Polytechnique, Canada

10:10-11:10 Detecting Duplication

Session Chair: Howard B. Reubenstein, GTE Laboratories, USA
Rapporteur: Jean-Luc Hainaut, University of Namur, Belgium

11:30-12:15 Learning from the Reverse Engineering Process

Session Chair: Michael Olsem, Hill Air Force Base, USA
Rapporteur: Mark L. Wilson, Naval Surface Warfare Center, USA

12:15-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:10 Data Reverse Engineering

Session Chair: Giuseppe Visaggio, University of Bari, Italy
Rapporteur: Julio Cesar Leite, Pontificia Univ Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3:30-4:30 Program Understanding

Session Chair: Ettore Merlo, Ecole Polytechnique, Canada
Rapporteur: Lewis Johnson, USC Information Sciences Institute, USA

4:50-6:10 Formal Methods

Session Chair: Jim-Qun Ning, Andersen Consulting, USA
Rapporteur: David Eichmann, University of Houston - Clear Lake, USA

7:00pm WCRE Banquet


8:30-10:20 Finding Objects in Procedural Programs

Session Chair: Spencer Rugaber, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Rapporteur: Gerardo Canfora, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

10:40-11:40 Architectural Discovery & Evaluation

Session Chair: Cordell Green, Kestrel Institute, USA
Rapporteur: Michael Olsem, Hill Air Force Base, USA

11:50-12:30 Final Discussion and Rapporteurs Reports

General Rapporteurs:
Alex Quilici, University of Hawaii, USA
James Cross II, Auburn University, USA

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: WCRE is limited to 75 to 100 active researchers in reverse engineering, program understanding, and related fields. General registration is available in order of payment received until capacity is reached. For registration information, contact wcre@computer.org, fax 617-272-8464, or write to Reverse Engineering/WCRE, P.O. Box 400, Burlington, MA 01803 USA.

WCRE Committee

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