ICER 2007 Program

Slides for each talk are accessible by clicking on the paper title. For copies of the papers, please visit the ACM digital library.

Saturday, September 15
07:45-11:45amRegistration at Global Learning Center, 2nd Floor
08:00-08:30amBREAKFAST (continental breakfast provided at GLC)
08:30-09:45amKeynote:Algorithm Visualization: Reflections and Future Directions
John Stasko
10:00-10:30amA Study of the Development of Students' Visualizations of Program State During an Elementary Object-Oriented Programming Course
Jorma Sajaniemi, Marja Kuittinen, and Taina Tikansalo
10:30-11:00amChallenging the Advanced First-Year Student's Learning Process through Student Presentations
Lisa Kaczmarczyk, Matthew Boutell, and Mary Last
11:00-11:30amDiscussion: Innovative Approaches to Teaching Computing
Mark Guzdial
11:30-01:00pmLUNCH (box lunches provided)
01:00-01:30pmAttitudes Toward Computer Science - Computing Experiences as Starting Point and Barrier to Computer Science
Carsten Schulte and Maria Knobelsdorf
01:30-02:00pmWhat is Computing? Bridging the Gap Between Teenagers' Perceptions and Graduate Students' Experiences
Sarita Yardi and Amy Bruckman
02:00-02:30pmDiscussion: Common Perceptions of Computing
Josh Tenenberg
02:45-03:15pmWarren's Question
Sally Fincher and Josh Tenenberg
03:15-03:45pmThrough the Eyes of Instructors: A Phenomenographic Investigation of Student Success
Paivi Kinnunen, Robert McCartney, Laurie Murphy, and Lynda Thomas
03:45-04:15pmDiscussion: Studying and Supporting the Teachers
Mike Clancy
04:30-05:00pmFirst Year Students' Impressions of Pair Programming in CS1
Beth Simon and Brian Hanks
05:00-05:30pmNarrating Data Structures: The Role of Context in CS2
Svetlana Yarosh and Mark Guzdial
05:30-06:00pmDiscussion: Learning in the First Year
Sally Fincher
07:00pmDINNER/BANQUET (included in registration)

Sunday, September 16
08:30-11:30amRegistration at Global Learning Center, 2nd Floor
08:00-09:00amBREAKFAST (continental breakfast provided at GLC)
09:00-09:30amGraduated Exposure to Programming Concepts Using Faded Worked Examples
Simon Gray, Caroline St. Clair, Richard James, and Jerry Mead
09:30-10:00amInstructional Design of a Programming Course - A Learning Theoretic Approach
Michael Caspersen and Jens Bennedsen
10:00-10:30amDiscussion: Orchestrating the Classroom: Instruction Design for CS
Richard Anderson
10:45-11:15amFrom Limen to Lumen: Computing Students in Liminal Spaces
Anna Eckerdal, Robert McCartney, Jan Erik Mostrom, Kate Sanders, Lynda Thomas, and Carol Zander
11:15-11:45amCommonsense Computing (episode 3): Concurrency and Concert Tickets
Gary Lewandowski, Dennis Bouvier, Robert McCartney, Kate Sanders, and Beth Simon
11:45-12:15pmDiscussion: What are the Barriers to Learning Computing?
Raymond Lister
12:15-01:30pmLUNCH (on your own)
01:30-02:00pmUncovering Student Values for Hiring in the Software Industry
Donald Chinn and Tammy VanDeGrift
02:00-02:30pmProblems Encountered by Novice Pair Programmers
Brian Hanks
02:30-03:00pmDiscussion: What are the Goals of the Students?
Robert McCartney
03:15-03:45pmReport on the International Conference on Research in Engineering Education (ICREE)
Wendy Newstetter

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