Students with robots

The College of Computing at Georgia Tech is a national leader in the research and creation of real-world computing breakthroughs that drive social and scientific progress. The College's unconventional approach to education is pioneering the new era of computing by expanding the horizons of traditional computer science students through interdisciplinary collaboration and a focus on human centered solutions.


A Leading Institute for Computing Education

The Georgia Tech College of Computing was founded in 1991 in acknowledgement that computing is rapidly transforming virtually every aspect of our lives. Today, just as computation has become the definition of modern advancement, Georgia Tech has established itself as one of the defining institutions for computing education and innovation.

Modern Scientific Inquiry and Interdisciplinary Research

Research and education at the College of Computing touch every aspect of our world: government, business, health care, entertainment and everything in-between. Our faculty and students drive today’s research agenda, cultivating new generations of technological leaders.

The College boasts the nation’s only complete, online Master’s of Science in Computer Science program, as well as numerous Top 10 on-campus master’s and Ph.D. programs.

The College of Computing includes the schools of Computer Science, Interactive Computing, and Computational Science and Engineering. It is within these schools that Georgia Tech continues to be a force of  scientific inquiry and interdisciplinary research.

Computing has and will transform our world. Technology is changing every day, and the College of Computing is helping to guide this transformation.

Be an innovator. Define your world through computing at Georgia Tech.