What Will She Do Next? Jasmine Lawrence, GT Computing Alumna, Featured on Oprah

August 6, 2014

There's no stopping this girl.

Jasmine Lawrence, founder of EDEN Bodyworks, first appeared on Oprah in 2007 to discuss the successful company she started at the early age of 11. After a horrific hair experience, Lawrence decided to create a natural line of hair products that would save others from experiencing the same.

This year, Lawrence's multi-million dollar company turns 10. While Lawrence remains CEO of EDEN Bodyworks, she is also a Georgia Tech College of Computing graduate, a former Miss Georgia Tech and a member of the X-Box One Engineering Team.

Oprah recently featured an update on Lawrence, in the "Where Are They Now?" series. Hear Lawrence share about the decade of success her company has achieved, projects with GTRobotics, the beginnings of graduate school and more in the Oprah segment, "From Bad Perm to CEO: An Update with Jasmine Lawrence."

Want to know more about Lawrence's time at Georgia Tech? Explore "Undercover CEO: Jasmine Lawrence Not Your Normal Undergrad" or read about her Miss Georgia Tech achievements, in the November 2012 edition of Compiler

If you are curious about Lawrence's next steps, make sure to check out EDEN Bodyworks' Facebook and Twitter pages for updates. You can also follow Lawrence's blog, where she shares news and videos of speaking events.