Superheroes of Supercomputing

superheroes of supercomputing

In a galaxy not so far away, there is a group of Georgia Tech research scientists who specialize in computational science and engineering, electronic engineering, and computer science. They are presenting some of their most robust research projects and findings at the annual high-performance computing summit known as Supercomputing 2018. Although they may be well known by their creators' names, we simply refer to these contributions to computational science as the

Georgia Tech Superheroes of Supercomputing. 




Rogues Gallery

CreatorsJeffrey YoungJason Riedy, Tom Conte

Center: Georgia Tech's Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies



HiCOO: Hierarchical Storage of Sparse Tensors

CreatorsJiajia LiJimeng SunRichard Vuduc

School: Computational Science and Engineering



Accelerating Quantum Chemistry with Vectorized and Batched Integrals

Creators: Hua Huang, Edmond Chow

School: Computational Science and Engineering



Detecting MPI Usage Anomalies via Partial Program Symbolic Execution

Creators: Fangke Ye, Jisheng Zhao, Vivek Sarkar

School: Computer Science



Optimizing High Performance Distributed Memory Parallel Hash Tables for DNA k-mer Counting

Creators: Tony C. Pan, Sanchit Misra, Srinivas Aluru

School: Computational Science and Engineering