Work Abroad

Work Abroad


What if you had the opportunity to gain real experience in your field, while traveling the world?

The Global Internship Program provides one-of-a-kind experiences for our students through an international internship/co-op (IIC) program.

"Working abroad fully immerses you in the culture of your host country. This immersion causes you to see other people differently, not only people from a foreign country but from your own. You learn to see the uniqueness and importance of a person's culture. “
– Drew Glaser, Mechanical Engineering, 2007


Our work abroad program places each student with a company whose work aligns with that student’s area of interest. This may take the form of a paid, unpaid (for course credit) internship or a work co-op.

The program can span anywhere from 10 weeks to one year abroad. During this time, computing students learn and grow in ways that foster both personal and career development.

Take a leap and find out more about opportunities to work abroad as a College of Computing student:

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