Toward A General Framework for Activity Recognition and Anomaly Detection

Result Videos 1


Writing in Chinese

A: Writing in Chinese

Writing in English

B: Writing in English

Writing in Urdu

C: Writing in Urdu


D: Drawing


E: Erasing

Different activities including writing in Chinese (A), English (B), Urdu (C), Drawing (D) and Erasing (E) being perfomed in a classroom.


A: Moving in Subsequence 1


B: Moving in Subsequence 2

Different activities of moving different objects in different subsequences being performed in an ofice environment. In A, the doll is moved first, the red box is moved second, the cup is moved third, while in B, the cup is moved first, the doll is moved second, the red box is moved third.

Glucometer Control

Different activities being performed in litmus solution test: turning on, inserting the test strip in the glucometer, opening the solution bottle,; and dropping solution on the test strip.

Regular trajectory in a parking lot

A: Regular Trajectory

Particle Speading

B: Particle Spreading

Anomalous trajectory in a parking lot

C: Anomalous Trajectory

Acceptable human traffic and anomaly in a parking lot. A shows an actor taking an acceptable trajectory. B is the corresponding video with all the particles displayed to demonstrate particle spreading. B shows an actor taking an objectionable trajectory by climbing the fence to get to a car.

Regular trajectory in an airport

A: Airport Surveillance

ROS image  for airport


Passengers moving from the entrance point straight toward an aeroplane one after another. In A, each time a new passenger is found in the entrance area, he will be registered and tracked until he reaches the aeroplane. B is the corresponding video showing Regions of Significance. 2

Bag Exchanging

A: Bag Exchanging

ROS image  for bag exchanging


Bag exchanging sequence. In A, Person 3 (red bounding box) comes into the lobby where Person 1 (yellow bounding box) and Person 2 (green bounding box) are sitting in. Person 2 gets up, leaves a bag in the scene and leaves the scene. Person 1 leaves the scene without picking up the bag. Person 3 gets up, picks the bag and leaves. Each solid rectangle in the upper-left corner shows the tracking status of the corresponding object of interest, including 'tracked', 'lost' and 'disappeared'. B is the corresponding video showing Regions of Significance.



  1. Tracking bounding boxes in all images shown in this pages have been thickened for visualization purpose. Corresponding videos are not edited.
  2. The DATA shown here is courtesy USA's Transportation Security Agency. Permission to use the data for publication pending.