Example based piecewise constant function approximation for image and video synthesis

Antonio Haro, Irfan A. Essa

Abstract: Several problems in computer vision and graphics such as pattern classification, noise removal, and texture synthesis have been approached using function approximation. In practice, however, there is usually not enough training data to approximate the function continuously, and the data that is available is sparse. The function to be learned is represented as piecewise constant and point neighborhoods present in the training data are used to approximate the function in areas where no data is available. We present a general algorithm and show how to apply it to several challenging computer graphics and vision problems. We use the algorithm to learn simple video processing operations, to make videos appear to be moving versions of paintings, and to make views of 3D models appear to be photorealistic.

Please note: sequences have been compressed to reduce download time. As such, some contain compression artifacts.


Video processing

Non-photorealistic video

3D surface material property transfer








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