Description GTABAS is a collection of software tools designed to reduce the tedium of biological data collection, labelling and analysis tasks. It includes three integrated tools:
  1. Antennate [download], a vision-based tracker for the automatic collection of video-synchronized tracks. Each track contains a numeric index and time-varying 2D position and 1D orientation.

  2. TeamView [download], a track editor which imports the track data from Antennate. TeamView is used to clean the tracks by deleting, splitting and merging tracks. It is also useful as a visualization tool.

  3. Coming Soon: VideoGraphcut, a tracker which produces a segmentation image of the target being tracked for each frame, given a specification of the target in the first and last frame of the track. VideoGraphcut enables shape-based analysis of tracks and their interactions, such as the automatic detection of when an ant curves its body into a ball.

Pipeline Use the following pipeline (WindowsXP, Vista or 7) to process your biodata:
  1. Shoot video and store in high quality format.

  2. Install VirtualDub. Install XViD. Encode your video with the XViD and Cinepak codecs.
    (watch HOWTO using VLC player).

  3. Create clutter-free background image manually by exporting keyframes from VirtualDub and patching them together in Photoshop.
    make background
    (watch HOWTO)

  4. Install Antennate. Run Antennate and tune parameters.
    tune Antennate
    (watch HOWTO)

  5. Run Antennate on full video, then save tracking data.
    track with Antennate
    (watch HOWTO)

  6. Correct mistakes manually using TeamView.
    clean with TeamView
    (watch HOWTO)

  7. Export CSV data for further analysis, such as interaction analysis.
    export from TeamView
    (watch HOWTO)