Description of Database

Directory Structure

There are two main directories: Display software and Subjects .

Display Software Directory

  1. This directory contains, which is needed to view the video files that were encoded with a DV codec. This zip file contains installation files that will allow your PC to play the video files.
  2. This directory also contains mot.exe, which is used to view ".mot" files that are motion-capture text files.

Subjects Directory

  1. This directory contains 20 sub-directories that pertain to the twenty subjects used in our experiments.
  2. Each sub-directory contains (with a few exceptions) six sub-directories: maya_data, nonmocapvideo, outdoorvideo, videomasks, text_data, and video.
  3. However, sub-directories sub0001 and sub0002 have extra motion-capture data, which pertains to two setups "a" and "b" of the motion-capture walking-platform.
  4. Also, sub-directory sub0003 has extra non-motion-capture video data in a directory called "image calibration." These video files were used to calibrate the video camera used to record all the subjects walking in the open space over different days and camera locations.
  5. Sub0014 and sub0020 do not have non-motion-capture video data or outdoor video data.
  6. Subjects 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 have data from motion-capture, angle- view indoors, side-view indoors, and angle-view outdoors. With the exception of sub0003, they also have data from side-vide outdoors.

Mot Viewer (mot.exe)

  1. To activate, just click on the program mot.exe.
  2. To bring up a file, press the spacebar and a file browsing window appears.
  3. Ctrl-0 through 6 changes resolution of the image window.
  4. The "esc" button exits the program.

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