i.e. Intelligent Environments are spaces that have been transformed into smart work areas where color CCD cameras, big screen displays, microphones, and other sensors are fused with computers. Real-time analysis and tracking of lab inhabitants takes place. An intelligent agent interfaces with lab dwellers and other devices in the room.

Euripides' The Bacchae is a PTRL production of a greek tragedy performed at the Dramatech theater in March, 1998. As our first step toward applying our research in the world of entertainment f/x, we provided parts of a computer vision system, in the form of video-augmenting software, to represent the world as seen from the eyes of a blind soothsayer.

Ballet In A Box is HCI research in the domain of ballet. While good dance instructors are masters in their own right, we are collaborating with the Psychology department to build and evaluate a computer system that could be used to teach dance. The system will provide users with views of each dance motion from various angles and at different speeds, and is being tested against video-instruction tapes and books.

PePe (PErsonal PEt)  project is a long-term research project to build intelligent, adaptive, user-friendly agent that displays different emotional states and awide range of behaviors. More specifically, we are trying to build an agent that exhibits pet-like behaviors and emotions. Our goal is to make the interaction between the user and the agent as natural as possible thus making the user perceive the agent more as a friend or a pet than as a toy.



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