Dean's Daily Digest, March 15, 2020

CoC colleagues:

The Institute has cleared us to test our business continuity plan in light of COVID-19. That plans calls for the vast majority of our staff members to telecommute. We intend to maintain full operations insofar as that is practical under these circumstances, just from off campus.

We will begin testing our plan effective tomorrow, March 16. During this time, you should expect to an e-mail from me every day (at least) updating you on the state of our continuity planning. Ann Claycombe will be compiling information for that e-mail, so if you have something to share please let her know. In addition to my (semi-) daily email, please look for specific emails from your supervisors.

Even (perhaps especially) in the age of email, communication is a challenge. There is a lot of information for all of us to absorb very quickly, so we have created a webpage to serve as a central We will update it regularly so that it always contains the most current information about our college systems and processes.

This change in our operations will be challenging, and will require more work and more patience from all of us. As you have questions, and you run across issues and concerns, please surface those to your supervisors so that we can gather and address problems centrally. Again, we will send out e-mails at least daily with updates and solutions to common problems.

In this time of stress, please work to protect not only your physical health but also your mental health. We all know that stressful events are difficult, and can be particularly hard for those who may be struggling with mental health issues. If you feel overwhelmed with the COVID-19 situation OR know someone else who is suffering, please reach out to GT Counseling. If you are suffering from an immediate mental health crisis or know someone who is, please use the Institute’s emergency mental health resources.

We are a strong and resilient community. We will face this crisis together.

Charles L. Isbell, Jr.

John P. Imlay, Jr. Dean

College of Computing

Georgia Tech


EA: Alicia Richhart,, 404-894-8357


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