From the Dean's Desk - April 30, 2020

Dear GT Computing Colleagues,

Georgia Tech Dean of Computing Charles Isbell

We have so many things to celebrate today: it’s the end of the month, it’s the last day of exams, and so that means it's the end of the longest semester in the history of this and every other multiverse. Also worth celebrating: the new payroll system actually worked, and we just got paid.

We also have awards to celebrate! Today I would like to announce the winner of one of the two Dean’s awards.

I’d like to honor Vladimir Kolesnikov, the winner of our 2020 James B. Lester Endowment Award. The Lester Endowment Award recognizes faculty members who have performed noteworthy research in the area of Internet phenomena. Vlad works on the foundational aspects of secure computation, especially of two-party computation. He has authored papers and patent applications on improving and using garbled circuit, homomorphic encryption, and related techniques. He has been involved in the design and analysis of Smart Grid networks, Storage Area Networks, wireless and biometric authentication, and other secure systems. Please join me in congratulating Vlad for his hard work and his impressive achievements. 

I’m going to sneak a couple of reminders into my message today as well. First, a couple of deadlines: the final drop day for students is this Saturday, May 2. Grades are due on Monday, May 4. The former means lots of questions from students about exactly what a 69.997 is and the latter means one we are in the home stretch. Both mean the term isn’t quite over for all of us, but we’re almost there.

I also wanted to remind everyone that our hiring processes have changed, including for student workers. Our new system has assigned a lot of new responsibilities for faculty who hire students. You should expect to hear more from your chairs and SAOs, but our HR team has put together a brief (no, really, it couldn’t be much briefer) guide for the hiring process. The new guide is also linked to from our business continuity page, so you should be able to find it easily when you need to.

Oh, and there is one last celebration to mark the end of the month and the kind-of end of the term. As we move into something we might call normal with only a mild sense of irony, I think we are ready to stop thinking of these messages as continuity messages. It is time to move into a new phase. Stay tuned for more. Friday is coming. Stay safe.



Charles L. Isbell, Jr.

John P. Imlay, Jr. Dean

College of Computing

Georgia Tech

EA: Alicia Richhart,, 404-894-8357

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