From the Dean's Desk - Sept. 22, 2020

Dear GT Computing colleagues,

Georgia Tech Dean of Computing Charles Isbell

I’d like to take a quick moment to remind everyone once again to continue to make testing part of your weekly routine, and to remind your students to do the same. We are hearing from the Institute that weekly testing rates are slowing down a bit perhaps as students get busier or perhaps just because things appear to be better. We know how that story ends. Our program has been successful at lowering the rate of transmission on campus because our high level of testing allows for quick isolation and contact tracing for positive cases. So please, stay the course. Our participation is helping to keep our community safe.

The Institute is also working on its plans for spring, and to that end it has set up a series of listening sessions so that faculty members and GTAs can share their experiences from the fall. I’ve been told that at least as of earlier this week that no one from Computing has signed up for those sessions. I kind of think the Institute needs to hear your voices, so if you can, please sign up and share your concerns.

Finally, if you watched the President’s address today, you heard him mention the new School of Cybersecurity and Privacy. As Dr. Cabrera said, we are bringing together experts from a wide range of backgrounds to solve problems that not only affect us all as individuals, but also the security of our democracy. That is a very Georgia Tech way to make a difference, and we can be proud of advancing not only the Institute, but the field itself.



Charles L. Isbell, Jr.

John P. Imlay, Jr. Dean

College of Computing

Georgia Tech

EA: Alicia Richhart,, 404-894-8357

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