Dual MBA Option for M.S./Ph.D. Students

Are you ready to match your computing skills with business administration for a serious career advantage? Georgia Tech offers a dual-degree option that allows students to combine an M.S. or Ph.D. from the College of Computing with an MBA from the Scheller College of Business. Pairing an MBA with your College of Computing graduate degree gives you a competitive advantage and a unique blend of skills to accelerate your career.

Technology is transforming the world of business. This new environment needs a new type of leader with deep computing knowledge, business acumen, leadership ability, an entrepreneurial mindset, and strong communication skills. Georgia Tech’s dual-degree option focuses on creating these business leaders for companies in the 21st century.

The dual degree option allows you to count 15 credit hours from their M.S./Ph.D. courses toward their MBA elective requirements, reducing the time required to complete both degrees.

For more information on dual degrees, visit the Scheller College of Business website.