School of Interactive Computing,
Georgia Institute of Technology
85 5th St., TSRB 338A
Atlanta, GA 30332-0760

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Amy Bruckman

College of Computing

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Amy Bruckman is a professor in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She and her students in the Electronic Learning Communities (ELC) research group do research on online communities and education. Amy received her PhD from the MIT Media Lab's Epistemology and Learning group in 1997, and her AB in Physics from Harvard in 1987.


Michaelanne Dye

Ph.D. student
Human-Centered Computing

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Michaelanne Dye is a Ph.D. student in Human-Centered Computing focusing on social computing. Her research examines the use of online social networks as tools for mobilization and information propagation. Michaelanne holds an M.A. in cultural anthropology from Georgia State University and a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Georgia. She also has more than seven years of professional experience in the field of public relations and social media.

Casey Fiesler

Ph.D. candidate
Human-Centered Computing

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Casey Fiesler is a Ph.D. candidate in Human-Centered Computing. Her research involves the intersection of technology and the law, and specifically, how copyright law impacts creative expression on the Internet. Casey has a law degree from Vanderbilt University and an M.S. in HCI and B.S. in Psychology from Georgia Tech.

Joe Gonzales

Ph.D. student
Human-Centered Computing

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Joe Gonzales is a Ph.D. student in Human-Centered Computing. His research involves studying the social processes behind how groups of people give each other useful feedback. He looks for opportunities to use HCI and Service Design to create experiences that people will love. Joe has an M.S. in HCI and a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering.


Jessica Feuston

M.S. student
Human-Computer Interaction

Jessica Feuston is a M.S. student in Human-Computer Interaction. Her research involves the impact of copyright law on creative works within online communities. Jessica has a B.S. degree in Computational Media from Georgia Tech and worked for an enterprise software consulting company prior to continuing her studies. One of her favorite activities outside of research is playing bocce in Piedmont Park.


Koushik Krishnan

Undergrad student

Koushik Krishnan is a first year undergraduate at Georgia Tech. He is pursuing his passion for computer science not only through classes but also through hackathons, undergraduate research, and College of Computing student groups like the ACM Programming Team and GreyHat. He is currently working under Joe and helping him in the development of the PeerFeedback website. In his free time, Koushik likes to play ultimate frisbee and take apart old appliances and re-purpose them into new machines (ex. transforming an old microwave into an arc welder).

Bao Vu

Undergrad student

Bao Vu is a third-year Computer Science undergraduate at Georgia Tech. His threads are Media and System Architecture. He is currently working to publish a new website whose main purposes are to raise awareness of issues relating to copyright and fair use and to promote online creativity. He is a mix of a UI designer and a crazy coder.