CS8113: Multimedia Systems

Ann Chervenak
Tu/Th 4:30-6:00pm, CoC 202

This course is a survey of current research in multimedia systems, including such areas as image representation and compression, storage layouts for multimedia, operating systems and database support for multimedia, and multimedia networks.


Sun MediaCenter Server: Getting Started

FYI: Sun MediaCenter Documentation

Tentative Schedule of Student Talks

Lecture Notes and Slides

3/26/96 Introduction, Video Basics

3/28/96 More Video Basics; Color Video

4/2/96 JPEG

4/4/96 MPEG (Dale Kolosna)

4/9/96 and 4/11/96 Disk and Tape Background and Disk Arrays

4/11/96 Storage Hierarchies for Video Service

4/16/96 Rangan paper (Jeff Waldrop) {Note: you can print but not view this file from ghostview}

4/18/96 Multimedia Storage System Tutorial

4/23/96 Commercial Video Servers including Sun Media Center ( my slides and Sun Documentation ) and Microsoft Tiger (Bolosky slides)

4/25/96 Intro to Databases

4/30/96 QBIC - Query By Image Content

5/2/96 Video Parsing

5/7/96 Intuitive Indexing and Query By Humming (Aaron McClennen)

5/9/96 The Tenet Approach to Multimedia Networks

5/14/96 Futuer Internet Architecture

Suggested Projects

Topics and Readings

Video and Audio Encodings and Compression Schemes

C.A. Poynton, Technical Introduction to Digital Audio and Video, Chapter 1.

Gregory Wallace, "The JPEG Still Picture Compression Standard" Communications of the ACM, Vol 34, No. 4, April 1991.

Didier Le Gall, MPEG: A Video Compression Standard for Multimedia Applications , Communications of the ACM, Vol 34, No. 4, April 1991.

Edward Chang, Video Compression, Ph.D. Dissertation (draft), Chapter 1.

Additional reading and resources:

MPEG Frequently Asked Questions

Compression Pointers

Storage Systems and File Systems for Multimedia

Peter M. Chen, et al., RAID: High-Performance, Reliable Secondary Storage , ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. 26, No. 2, June, 1994. (Read pages 1-32.)

Ann L. Chervenak, Tertiary Storage Technologies, Chapter 2 of Ph.D. dissertation, Tertiary Storage: An Evaluation of New Applications, University of California at Berkeley, Technical Report UCB/CSD 94/847, December, 1994.

Ann L Chervenak Postscript of ACM Multimedia '95

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Jim Hanko, The Design, Analysis and Implementation of a Media Server Architecture, Sun Microsystems. (waiting for non-proprietary version.)

Multimedia Databases

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Multimedia Networks

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Operating Systems

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Interactive Television

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