My research focuses on interdisciplinary applications of network analysis and modeling. Some representative papers:

Network Science: The Hourglass Effect in Hierarchical Dependency Networks, with Kaeser Sabrin. To appear at the journal of Network Science, 2017.

Networks applied in Climate Science and Neuroscience: delta-MAPS: From Spatio-temporal Data to a Weighted and Lagged Network Between Functional Domains, with Ilias Fountalis, Annalisa Bracco, and Bistra Dilkina. Proceedings of the Mining Big Data in Climate and Environment (in conjunction with 17th SIAM International Conference on Data Mining -- SDM 2017).

Networks and Brain Science: A symmetry-based method to infer structural brain networks from tractography data, with Kamal Shadi, Saeideh Bakhshi, David Gutman, and Helen Mayberg. Journal of Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, November 2016.

Data Mining and Networks: Lexis: An Optimization Framework for Discovering the Hierarchical Structure of Sequential Data, with Payam Siyari and Bistra Dilkina. Proceedings of ACM SIGKDD 2016, August 2016.

Social Networks: Co-evolutionary dynamics in social networks: A case study of Twitter, with Demetris Antoniades. In the Journal of Computational Social Networks, July 2015.

Networks in Biology: An explanatory evo-devo model for the developmental hourglass, with Saamer Akhshabi, Soojin Yi and Shrutii Sarda. F1000 Research, 3:156 (2014).


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