CS 2050 - Intro Discrete Math for Comp Sci

Fall 2011

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Arithmetic: Fundamentals of Numbers, Sums and Products, Representation, Arithmetic Operations, Number Theory.
Techniques: Direct Proofs, Contradiction, Reduction, Generalization, Invariance.
Order of Growth as a fundamental characterization of computational complexity.
Induction and Recursion: emphasis on the algorithmic aspects.
Graph Theory: Representation and Algorithms.
Counting: in direct connection with computational complexity and computability.

MWF 11:05-11:55, Inst Center 211.
Recitation A1 W 3:05-4:25, Boggs 228.
Recitation A3 W 4:35-5:55, CoC 102.
The material covered in lectures and recitations, together with references and/or notes, as suitable, will be posted in the Lectures web page.

Milena Mihail, Associate Professor
Office: 404-385-0617 (answering machine unstable)
Cell: four zero four - three seven nine - one four six zero
Office hours: Mon 12-1, Fri 12-1, Klaus 2138, or by appointment.
Email: lastname at cc dot gatech dot edu
All email concerning this course should have a subject title CS 2050.

Texts and Notes
(1) Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, Kenneth Rosen.
(2) Class Lecture Notes.

(1) Weekly homeworks 30%.
You may collaborate or read any resource you want in solving the problems, but please indicate your collaboration group and/or the resources you used.
You MUST write your answers by yourselves, without any collaboration and without using any resource, as if you are taking a test.
(2) Class participation 10\%.
In particular, no A will be given to a student that has unexcused absences in more than 25\% of the lectures.
(3) Three midterms, 30%.
(4) Final exam, 30%.
In all exams you may bring up to two two-sided pages of notes.

Web Announcements
You are responsible for reading these announcements at the end of the day, every MWF.
Mon Aug 29: Homework 1 is out and due Wed Sept 7 (Mon Sept 5 is Labor Day).
Mon Sept 12: Homework 2 is out and due Fri Sept 16.
The homework will be discussed extensively in Recitation Wed Sept 14.
Milena Mihail will be holding extra office hours Thu Sept 15, 10am-3pm, at Klaus 2138.
Mon Sept 12: QUIZ 1 is on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 26.
Mon Sept 19: Homework 3 is out and due Fri Sept 23.
Mon Sept 19: REVIEW and STUDY GUIDE for QUIZ 1: in class WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 21.
Mon Oct 3: Homework 4 is out and due Mon Oct 10.
Mon Oct 12: Homework 5 is out and due Fri Oct 21.
Fri Oct 28: Homework 6 is out and due Fri Nov 4.
Wed Nov 2, No1: Homework 6 has been revised, with several hints and notes. Download the revised version of Homework 6, here.
Wed Nov 2, No2: Homework 6 is due Monday November 7.
Wed Nov 2, No3: QUIZ 2: in class MONDAY NOVEMBER 14.
Wed Nov 2, No4: The lectures of Mon Nov 7, Wed Nov 9 and Fri Nov 11 will be REVIEWS for QUIZ 2.
Fri Nov 11: QUIZ 2: in class MONDAY NOVEMBER 14.
Fri Nov 11: QUIZ 2: Material for QUIZ 2 is INDUCTION. Study Solutions to Homeworks 5 and 6, and Reviews of Mon Nov 7 and Wed Nov 9.
Fri Nov 11: QUIZ 2: Open book, open notes, use calculators, NO INTERNET, NO COLLABORATION.
Mon Nov 21: Homework 7 is out and due Nov 30.
FINAL EXAM: Monday Dec 12, 8-11am.
Review Guide: Homework 1, Homework 2, Homework 5, Homework 6, Homework 7, Practice Quiz 1, Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Practice Final.
In the Final you may have: (a)2 cheat sheets, (b)calculator.
In the Final you may NOT have notes, books, access to internet.

Web Site
Class Web-site http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~mihail/index2050.html.
This site is maintained by Milena Mihail.
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