Fall 2016

  • Tuesday and Thursday 9:35-10:55 - COB 100
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This course provides an introduction to problems in computer networking, including errors, medium access, routing, flow control and transport. Emphasis is on current best practice, and specifically on solutions deployed in the current Internet. Includes programming of networked applications.


  • Matt Sanders
  • Russell Clark
  • When you send us email about this class, please include "3251" in the subject line so that we can find it quickly.

Teaching Assistant

The TA's are available to answer your questions regarding class material and assignments. The TA's are responsible for grading the homeworks and programming assignments. The instructor is responsible for grading the exams.

  • The TA contact information and office hours are posted on the T-Square wiki.


Your grade will be determined by your performance on programming assignments and exams. The weights are as follows:

  • Written Assignments - 20%
  • Programming Assignments - 20%
  • Midterm Exams - 30%
  • Final Exam - 30%

Exam Schedule

Exam dates will not change. Make sure you can be here for these dates. Exams are in class, closed book and closed notes. You must sit for the exam in the class period for which you are registered.

  • Midterm Exam - Thursday, October 13
  • Final Exam - TBD, we will use the official scheduled times. Currently scheduled for:
    • Thursday December 8 at 2:50PM


We will be doing four to five written assignments and two network programming assignments in this course. The first programming assignment will be written in standard C/C++, Java, or Python, using Sockets. Your implementations will be done using the Linux operating system.

We will use T-square for all assignment postings and submissions.

You should strive to turn your assignments in on time. The late homework policy uses a time-credit system. You are allowed up to 3 "late days" over the course of the semester. You may use them whenever you like. For instance, you may use them all on a single assignment or spread them out over 3 assignments. However, once you have used your alloted days, additional late assignments will not be accepted. Also, note that you cannot use less than a day. If an assignment is 1 hour late it will be considered a full day.

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to abide by the Georgia Tech Honor Code. Honest and ethical behavior is expected at all times. All incidents of suspected dishonesty will be reported to and handled by the office of student affairs.

You are to do all assignments yourself, unless explicitly told otherwise. You may not copy any solution (or part of a solution) from a classmate or previous student of this class.

Specifically, the following is not allowed:

  • Copying, with or without modification, someone else's work when this work is not meant to be publicly accessible (e.g., a classmate's program or solution).
  • Submission of material that is wholly or substantially identical to that created or published by another person or persons, without adequate credit notations indicating authorship (plagiarism).

You are encouraged to discuss problems and papers with others as long as this does not involve copying of code or solutions. Any public material that you use (open-source software, help from a text, material you find on the web, material from a paper, substantial help from a friend, etc...) should be acknowledged explicitly in anything you submit to us.