Spring 2017

Tuesday, Thursday 12:05-1:25 - COB 100

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This course covers the area of application development and deployment in today's commercial, mobile networks. This space is undergoing rapid change as new devices and technologies become available and the network and service providers move to a more converged architecture. A goal of this course is to survey the current state of application work in this environment and provide a contrast with the traditional telco and Internet environments. We will cover both the technical details of the field and the business environment that is often equally important to understanding why things are designed the way they are.

An important goal for this class is to get you thinking about innovation and entrepreneurship. This is a natural fit for this material because the mobile and convergence space is replete with opportunities to build something that other people will use and maybe even launch a business. I expect that many of your class projects should be on one of the mobile app stores (e.g. iPhone, Android) by the end of the semester. There are many opportunities at Georgia Tech to support you in such an endeavor. One such opportunity is the Convergence Innovation Competition. Your final project will follow the guidelines for CIC entries and should be a viable competitor in this year's competitions.

While many of the students in this class are from the College of Computing, we encourage students from diverse areas on campus to participate. This includes people from Management, Communications, Music, and many others. In the course projects we have the flexibility to leverage the contributions of people with a wide range of experiences.

Teaching Team

Several other people will be closely involved in this course.

  • Siva Jayaraman - GT-RNOC - jsiva@gatech.edu
  • Guest speakers from industry partners.


Your grade will be calculated from your work on the semester project.

  • Project Meetings and Presentations - 36%
  • Project Implementation and Demonstration - 34%
  • Project Video Presentation - 10%
  • Project Writeup - 10%
  • Peer Evaluations and Participation - 10%

Starting with the fifth week, your teams will be presenting status updates on your projects. Your attendance and participation in these team presentations is mandatory and will be part of your project grade. We will use the class time for these presentations. You and your team will be expected to attend the entire presentation session. The teaching team will assign the presentation slots each week.

While the course is primarily graded on a group project, it is your individual contribution to the project that determines your grade. We will assess your participation through engagement in class, active participation in each presentation, contributions to the project website on t-square, and peer evaluations.

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to abide by the Georgia Tech Honor Code. Honest and ethical behavior is expected at all times. All incidents of suspected dishonesty will be reported to and handled by the office of student affairs.


We do not have an official textbook for the class. We will make extensive use of online resources and class notes. You should follow the tech news and stay current on what is going on in this space. Follow sites like TechCrunch, Slashdot, and ArsTechnica to see who is buying who and why!

Here are some blogs related to mobile. Required Reading Regarding Mobile

Class Resources

We are using T-square and Piazza extensively. You will find the updated schedule and resources on T-square. There are several class resources available on the GT Journey site. http://gtjourney.gatech.edu/.

  • Development Resources
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Resources