Selected Recent Papers

  • ``The game of survival: Sexual evolution in dynamic environments'', with R. Mehta, I. Panageas, G. Piliouras and P. Tetali, Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science (2017).

  • ``Settling the Complexity of Leontief and PLC Exchange Markets under Exact and Approximate Equilibria'', with J. Garg, R. Mehta and S. Yazdanbod, STOC (2017).

  • Opinion Dynamics in Networks: Convergence, Stability and Lack of Explosion.''. with T. Mai and I. Panageas, ICALP (2017).

  • Convex Program Duality, Fisher Markets, and Nash Social Welfare.''. with R. Cole, N. Devanur, V. Gkatzelis, K. Jain, T. Mai and S. Yazdanbod, ACM EC (2017).

  • ``A Market for Scheduling, and a Polynomial-time Algorithm for Computing Equilibria''. with N. Devanur, J. Garg, R. Mehta and S. Yazdanbod, in arXiv, 2017.

  • ``Nash Social Welfare for Indivisible Items under Separable, Piecewise-Linear Concave Utilities''. with N. Anari, T. Mai and S. Oveis Gharan, in arXiv, 2017.