How to Squeak

The purpose of this site (over time) is to provide information to Smalltalk novices on how to get up to speed in Smalltalk. It was suggested by Ralph Johnson in response to my persistent questions on the Squeak mailing list about how things like change sets work. Currently, it is mostly a collection of prized mailing list notes and some small hacks that I'm working on.

I suggest visiting the Downloads and Pluggable WebServer pages as the most useful stuff here right now.

Latest Stuff (1/6/99)

Most of this has really moved into the Swikis. See the To see what Georgia Tech Squeakers are doing and To see what the Squeak community in general is doing.

Newly Updated Stuff (March 23, 1998)

Useful Squeak Sites

Site Outline

Everything, even if incomplete or just an outline of what I want to say there.

FileDictionary: Tiny Squeak Database
Getting Started with Morphic
Janak on Morphic UI
Maintaining a Squeak Image
  Do I have to make accessors for EVERYTHING?
  How do I get started on Morphic?
  How do you store your code in Squeak?
  I've seen curly braces in some Squeak code. What are they for?
  More on Change Sets and Maintenance
  Using Squeak -- its UI
  What's a ChangeSorter for?
  Where can I find Squeak and more information on Squeak?
  Where is HyperSqueak?
  Where is the sources file? Why do all my methods have variables t1, t2, etc.?
  Active Swikis
  Current State
  Description of Examples
  How PWS is Pluggable
  Mailing List
  Pluggable WebServer
  Real Applications
  Server Actions
  Squeak 1.31 and Converting
  Ted Kaehler's tips on converting from old Swikis and using Swiki in Squeak 1.31
  Starting the PWS
  Tips on Setting up PWS
  Tips on Use
  Tour of PWS
  Updates to 2.0Beta
  Updates to Squeak 1.31
Report on OOPSLA97
Running a Squeak Web Server
Squeak BonMots
What and Why is Squeak?

More About Squeak...
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