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I have a working example of Count UI in morphic. Morphic-UI.st (You'll first need the Counts.st class from Downloads) It should show up as UI in the morphic world. Try the  CountValueViewMorph.

I wasn't able to create the same API for the UI package in morphic. I couldn't find a way to add morphs at particular coordinates within a view. Everything in Morphic seems to be added in rows and columns using a layout manager. A layout manager can be vertical or horizontal. Its possible to add an object per row/column. The object itself could be another layout manager ... so its very flexible.

The UI has a ModelValueViewMorph which generates buttons and text views as expected. The difference is in the layout of the view. The class has a vertical layout manager.

The buildViewOn: for each subclass will need a separate method to add each row in the view. In case of Count, it has three statements. - add the three buttons, a horizontal layout manager - dummy morph as spacer - add the display box

The main layout manager in this case has three objects.

Each subclass of ModelValueViewMorph will need to have: - separate methods to generate each row of the main view - buildViewOn: to add all the rows - initialize, this would create the model and call the appropriate method to open the view. This is required since its not possible to run morphs from the workspace.

I think programming in Morphic world would be easier once the code gets documented. Since it doesn't require the MVC approach, it should be possible to collapse everything into a single class. I don't know whether this is good or bad as the students would already be familiar with the non-MVC approach since cs1502 has gone 100% Java.


-- Janak R. Bhalodia janak@cc.gatech.edu

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