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>I've heard that we can use HyperSqueak on MacSqueak. >But How to do it !? HyperSqueak doesn't appear on any menu.... >Is my copy of Squeak broken? Please give me te answer.. >

HyperSqueak was included in early releases of Squeak. On Nov 11, 1996, Dan Ingalls wrote:

"By the way, about HyperSqueak: we may well stop distributing it with every release (we would have with 1.16, except it was easier to leave it in). It uses space, and confuses the folks who are just wanting a decent Smalltalk. Also we probably won't be updating it each time, except possibly to release another major step some time in the future."

And on Dec 12, 1996:

"Second, beginning with 1.18, we will no longer distribute HyperSqueak as a part of the Squeak image. If this is important to you, save your latest image and work with the deltas, and feel free to communicate with us regarding our work on and your interest in HyperSqueak. This will simplify the process of explaining and releasing Squeak for us, and also makes it a bit easier to focus on one of our goals which is to produce a lean and yet flexible O-O kernel."


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