Besides the Squeak team, the greatest thanks go to Tim Jones and Georg Gollman for their work on Squeak-based WebServers. They both kindly answered lots of questions and helped me figure out what I wanted to do. My server is not competition for their servers -- it's for a different purpose. Tim's tools are very flexible for a wide range of servers. Georg's emphasizes database applications. I emphasize flexibility in CGI scripting.

It was a really hard decision which of their servers to build upon. I decided on Georg's, finally, because it was smaller, but it would be pretty easy to get the core of PWS working with WebTalk, too. I ripped out lots of Georg's server (essentially all of his database stuff), not because it wasn't neat, but because I didn't understand it well enough to decouple it.

Of the Squeak team, special thanks to John Maloney. John not only worked hard to make sure that Tim's and Georg's tools worked well on Macs (requiring some special tweaks to the implementation of Delay), but he also did a crackerjack job of the 68K implementation. I implemented 90% of PWS on my PowerBook 190cs during the small breaks in the last two weeks when I was awake and my new daughter was not.

Finally, PWS would not have happened had Jennifer Ann Guzdial not been born on October 27, 1997 (see One finally gets a chance to hack when one is too sleep deprived to write coherent sentences :-). Thanks to Jennifer and my amazing wife, Barbara.

Bolot Kerimbaev ( made PWS work for Windows and UNIX (tested by Colleen Kehoe).

PWS (and its associated files) are based on Georg Gollman's WebServer, extended by Mark Guzdial. Those portions are copyright 1997 Georgia Tech Research Corporation and are used with permission. Mark Guzdial's work on PWS was funded in part by NSF grant REC-9550458.

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