Real Applications

On this page, I'll list places where PWS is really in use. If you have any that you'd like to share, please do drop me a line!

Sample Cached Swiki

Try out vs.


Sample Application of PWS/Embedded with FileDictionary

A system for authors to register papers for a conference, and for reviewers to enter in reviews. You can grab the whole thing at and (Note: You'll need FileDictionary: Tiny Squeak Database for this to work.) is where an author registers their paper. is where we get a list of all entered papers. (Could also be placed in the authorized folder)

AT THIS POINT, I would imagine that we log the papers, assign them tracking numbers (IDs), and mail the hardcopies to reviewers. is where a reviewer enters a review. is where we get the list of all reviews. (Again, easily protected.)

Swiki Test Site is where I and others around Georgia Tech are playing with Swiki. Please stop by and try it out there!

EduTech Case Libraries

My biggest application of PWS so far is at This is a case library of educational technology projects at Georgia Tech. Some of the PWS features being used here:

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