Squeak 1.31 and Converting

'From Squeak 1.3 of Jan 16, 1998 on 3 February 1998 at 3:58:16 pm'!

!PWS class methodsFor: 'Initializing' stamp: 'tk 2/3/98 15:58'! howToStart "To set up your new Swiki, you need a copy of the 'Server' folder found at: http://www.cc.gatech.edu/fac/mark.guzdial/squeak/pws/ Put the 'Server' folder into the folder that your image is in.

Modify this method to be a path to your Server folder, select it, and fileItIn: !!ServerAction class methodsFor: 'System Services' stamp: 'tk 1/19/98 12:52'!! serverDirectory ^ 'Home Plate:ETSqueak1.31b:Server:' !! !!

Then do: PWS initializeAll.

To enable a new Swiki called OurOwnArea. Make a folder named OurOwnArea in the Server folder. Then do: SwikiAction setUp: 'OurOwnArea'. (its main URL is http://thisMachine:80/OurOwnArea.1)

Suppose you already have a Swiki called 'myswiki'. To start up: SwikiAction new restore: 'myswiki'. [PWS serveOnPort: 80 loggingTo: 'log.txt'] fork. (when you have more Swikis, such as OurOwnArea, you must add a line to restore each one. Whenever you start up Squeak, you must restore each swiki, before forking the process that serves pages.)

To stop the server: PWS stopServer.

To convert from an old pre-Squeak1.3 Swiki to new page format: (In the old image, do a backup:) | mine | mine _ PWS actions at: 'myswiki'. mine saveTo: mine path,'backup28JanA'. (Quit. Start the new image which has this version of the Swiki code) (Do not start the server!!!!!!) PWS initializeAll. SwikiAction restore: 'myswiki' from: (ServerAction serverDirectory), 'myswiki:backup28JanA'. (PWS actions at: 'myswiki') convert. (do these steps for each Swiki you have) (now, start the server) [PWS serveOnPort: 80 loggingTo: 'log.txt'] fork.

To backup (new format) (do nothing. All info is already inside the page files on the disk.)

To enable a new Swiki that evaluates Squeak code submitted by the user. Make a folder named SqkEval in the Server folder. Then do: ActiveSwikiAction setUp: 'SqkEval'. (this is dangerous, because there are still ways a user could crash your server)

To purge a file of all except the latest version: ((PWS actions at: 'myswiki') urlmap atID: 3) condenseChanges.

To roll the entire wiki back to a previous time: ""This does not erase data, it just moves an older page to the end"" (PWS actions at: 'myswiki') rollBack: '1/28/98' asDate at: '1:30 am' asTime.

"! !

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