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Most of the information here is superseded and is better updated at

The Pluggable WebServer (PWS) is a web server and toolkit for flexibly creating CGI scripts in Squeak. I designed and implemented it to help me create different kinds of collaborative tools (e.g. Virtual Other-Than-Communities). PWS builds on the work of Georg Gollmann ( (at and is strongly influenced by Tim Jones' ( WebTalk. The Swiki application in PWS is based on the WikiWiki Server by Ward Cunningham.

There is now a Mailing List for PWS and Swikis -- See for more on Swiki and Wiki.

How PWS is Pluggable

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You need the server files below, but also visit Updates to 2.0Beta

FOR SQUEAK 1.30 and Later

As of Squeak 1.30, PWS and Swiki are built-in to Squeak. Squeak 1.31 and later require server files, which can be found at the below links. (Windows and UNIX, grab the tar file. Mac users, grab the sea file.) Latest update: Mon, May 11, 1998 at 11:41:11 AM.

Information on using Swiki in 1.31 and converting can be found in: Squeak 1.31 and Converting. Updates and new kinds of Swiki for 1.31 can be found at Updates to Squeak 1.31 (last updated Thu, Apr 30, 1998) Most of the updates are already in the Squeak 2.0Beta. Watch for a new update page soon :-)

FOR SQUEAK 1.23 and 1.30

LATEST VERSION: 1.0+ See Current State



Ted Kaehler and I did write class comments for most of the classes, and commented the methods sparsely. Other documentation is here. Currently, knowledge of Squeak (at least, Smalltalk) is required. We're working on cleaner docs.

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